An early morning surprise

At 5.30 this morning, a time when most normal people would still be in bed, I took my son to work for his 6am start. I dropped him off in the works car park then just as I pulled out through the gates back onto the road my headlights picked out a fox on the nearby grass bank. It quickly disappeared into the undergrowth at the top of the bank but as I had my camera in the van, and just on the off-chance I might see it again, I stopped, turned the engine off, and waited. My patience was rewarded a few minutes later when the fox reappeared, and with the aid of a security light from a nearby building I managed to get a shot of it as it rooted about in the undergrowth on the bank.
Now on my camping travels over the last few years I’ve seen many foxes which have been road-kill victims, but even though I live in a semi-rural area only ten minutes walk from open countryside and moorland that was the first time I’ve ever seen a live fox at close quarters. It was lucky I had the camera too – it had been left in the van from when I went out with the dogs yesterday – and though I wasn’t sure how good the photo would be it’s turned out better than I expected. So there’s something to be said for getting up at stupid ‘o clock in the morning – as the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm, or in this case the early photographer catches the fox!
Early morning fox

5 thoughts on “An early morning surprise

  1. What a great photo opportunity and an excellent photo. It certainly pays to have your camera with you! My son and his wife live in London and sometimes see urban foxes in their garden and in the road at night. I suppose the foxes are looking for food in urban areas, people throwing away takeaway food without a care!


  2. Where I saw the fox is a bit of a strange area on the outskirts of town, not really urban but not quite rural either. Many years ago there was a huge power station and several mills around there but they were demolished in the 70s and all the land left unused for several years until various industrial units started to be built in the 80s. The units are quite well spread out with patches of ‘wild’ land between them and there’s a river close by, but the nearest houses are quite a distance away. Following the river for about half a mile does lead to woodland and open fields so I suppose it’s not really surprising that there are foxes in the area – the surprise was actually seeing that one when I least expected it.


  3. “stupid o’clock in the morning” hahaha. love that phrase. A glimpse and a photo of a fox — awesome!

    I like your new blog, Eunice. It’s a good title and the photo goes well with it. Looking forward to reading more and learning more about you.


  4. The fox was certainly an unexpected surprise, I’m glad I had my camera in the van at the time. My son has never seen anything like that round there before even though he does often go to, or come from, work in the dark, so I feel quite lucky to have see it 🙂


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