Fortunately not me personally but the place where I work in the evenings. There are three car parks on the premises, each separated by a high metal fence and heavy steel gates which are closed and locked in the evenings. The rear parking area is currently being used by a company working in conjunction with the company I clean for, on a major contract in connection with the disposal of nuclear waste. On Monday evening, just before 6pm, a white van entered the main gates, drove round to the rear parking area then drove out again; I didn’t see it as I was busy working in the upstairs offices but the works manager saw it as he was getting ready to leave the building.
On Tuesday when I went to work I was told that from now on the gates between the car parks would be closed at all times during the day to stop anyone unauthorised from driving straight through, and as I’m the last to leave the premises in the evenings I have to be extra vigilant when locking up the works, the offices and all the gates. Today when I went to work I was hit with the news that sometime during the early hours of this morning the premises were burgled – bolt croppers were used on the locks on all three sets of gates and the office and storage portacabins belonging to the company using the rear car park were broken into. Several thousand pounds worth of stuff was stolen, including laptops, power tools and a huge generator which could only be moved by being towed behind a vehicle, so it seems like the white van which drove in earlier in the week probably had something to do with it – it’s too much of a coincidence not to be connected.
So as from today, even though it’s rather like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, security has been stepped up and there’s now a dog patrol on the premises at night, with the first guy coming in at 5.30pm – I met him this evening, his dog is a gorgeous dark-coated German Shepherd called Rex. As part of my work involves taking several black bags of rubbish round to the skip at the far end of the middle car park (I drive round in the van as it’s quite a way to walk) it means that I now have to ring the security guy to tell him I’m driving through so I don’t unintentionally end up as a dog’s dinner – Rex is very friendly and playful when not on duty but I wouldn’t like to mess with him when he’s working!

8 thoughts on “Burgled!

  1. oh, we all do that- stable doors etc. I suppose if you plan for the worst these things don’t happen? I think the idea is, if you LOOK secure the bad guys will try somewhere else. But, hey, life’s too short ain’t it?


    1. When I was told the place had been burgled my first thought was ‘Did I lock everything up properly last night’ – a job in a place like that, even if it is only cleaning, carries a certain amount of responsibility as a key holder and I’d hate it to have been my fault for not locking up properly, so I was relieved to know that all the locks had been broken off. The thieves must have used some good bolt croppers though as the locks weren’t exactly small ones.


  2. At least you don’t have the full responsibility now, you can lock up and go home safe in the knowledge that the area is being patrolled. You have to wonder why they didn’t have security guards with dogs in the first place.


  3. Simple answer to that Eileen – the company I clean for wanted to arrange extra security from the start but the company using the rear area didn’t initially want to pay the extra cost. Bet they wish they had now – they’ve had to hire in a generator and various power tools until the insurance is sorted out so it’s probably going to cost them more in the end.


  4. Well not many businesses want a cleaner in their offices when staff are working so it means my own work is mostly out-of-hours, and to be honest I prefer it – it means I can get things done without other people being in my way, and I don’t mind the responsibility of being a key holder. I suppose working alone is the main downside of evening or early morning cleaning jobs but after nearly thirty years I’m well used to it and nothing’s ever happened to me yet 🙂


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