Same thing, different place

Last night I got a text message from the boss at the place where I clean three mornings a week – “Can you please clean hallway tomorrow”. Now I also clean his house, which is currently up for sale, and when he has a viewing booked he’ll text me so I can go and do a quick bit of tidying up before the estate agent shows people round, so not sure whether his message referred to his house or work premises I replied “Home or work?” and the text came back “Work”. I thought that was rather odd as I vacuum and mop the hallway  every time I’m there, though it doesn’t take much as it’s never normally messy.
This time however it was different – when I got there first thing this morning I found dirty footprints and brick dust, plaster, flakes of paint and bits of plastic all over the place. This is the only job I have where I’m not a key holder – I have no need to be – and the guy who opens up told me that in the early hours of yesterday morning the place was broken into for the second time in three weeks. The first time was put down to being an opportunistic coincidence as one of the window shutters hadn’t been pulled down and the thieves had broken the window to get in – they’d tried to rob the vending machine but only succeeded in damaging it, other than that they hadn’t taken anything even though there were power tools and other things lying around on various work benches.
They came prepared this time though – they’d drilled out the lock on the shutter over the front door and smashed in the large bottom door panel. The vending machine had been damaged again, and though nothing had been taken from the offices or the upstairs work area several power tools had been taken from the work benches – there’s no definite proof that this was the same people as before but it doesn’t take a genius to connect the two occurrences. So yesterday cabinets were installed to lock away the power tools, the front door and shutter were repaired and bolts which shoot into the walls and floor were put on the doors leading into the workshop, hence all the mess in the hallway – it took a while to clear it all up but once I’d finished it looked like nothing had ever happened.
One thing has just occurred to me though – I know it’s only a coincidence but that’s two places where I clean which have recently been broken in to, although neither incident has had anything to do with me. I hope it doesn’t happen anywhere else I clean or I’ll be thinking of myself as a jinx!

4 thoughts on “Same thing, different place

  1. A jinx or the prime suspect….I’m only joking 🙂

    It’s a long time ago now but I worked in a shop situated within a shopping centre which was broken into twice within a short space of time. It was a horrible time for me being the manager and keyholder of the shop. The thieves had to break into the shopping centre first before they could break into the shop. Must have taken an awful lot of planning, or someone with some insider knowledge. If thieves are determined enough they will find a way.


  2. Ha! As neither place knows I work at the other I don’t think I’d be seen as the common factor, but if the boss at this one suddenly finds his large tv’s and expensive hi-fi equipment missing……… 🙂 Joking aside, I may only be a cleaner but in many ways I’m in a position of trust and I take that very seriously. The works premises are like Fort Knox now but like you say, if thieves really want to get in they’ll still do it.


  3. It couldn’t have happened while I was working as there would have been several other people there. I think they just wanted to get the cash out of the vending machine but they didn’t manage to hack into it.


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