The latest mouse

Almost a week since I added the last mouse to my collection the latest one arrived today. As usual I got it off ebay, though I must admit I had my doubts when I first saw it. It was described as being ‘handmade’ but I knew the mouse itself wasn’t as I already have three of that type – one with a mushroom, one with some peanuts and one with an acorn, though there’s nothing on any of them to say who they were made by. However, this one looked quite pretty in its little nest so I decided to take a chance on it, and as I was the only bidder I got it for 99p plus less than three quid postage so it hardly broke the bank. It arrived just as I was going out to work this afternoon and I didn’t open the parcel until I got back – and when I saw it I was absolutely thrilled.
The nest seems to be made from a large flat mushroom with the inside scraped out then dried and folded over, and the flowers, berries and grasses are a mixture of dried and artificial ones so in that respect it has indeed been handmade by the seller – it must have taken her a long while to do it as it looks like each bit has been individually stuck on. It’s really pretty and certainly very unusual so I’m glad I took the chance and made a bid for it – now all I have to do is find a suitable space for it.


4 thoughts on “The latest mouse

    1. Again, like the last one, the photos don’t do it justice. It really is a very pretty piece and has to be one of the nicest and most unique ones I’ve got 🙂


  1. It is a lovely piece Eunice, well done on your find. I think people who do such intricate craft work should find a different outlet for their handy work, great price for you of course but perhaps the seller would do much better on Etsy for example.

    I read on your previous post that you have found a way to resize your photos before you publish them on your blog They are definitely just right now, well done.


  2. If I could have paid a bit more for the mouse I would have done, it would have been worth it as it’s so unique and well made; I’m sure the seller could have got more for it.

    I’m glad you like the new photo sizes, they do seem to be just right – big enough to see detail but not so large that they take up the page or use up my storage allowance, so I think that’s the size I’ll stick with


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