Sunshine after the rain….

And snow, and everything else the weather gods threw down on this area in the space of a couple of days. After glorious weather earlier in the week I got up for work early on Thursday morning to find a thin covering of snow on the ground and for the whole day it was alternately raining and sleeting until early evening. Friday and yesterday we had thunder and it rained most of the time – at least it got rid of the snow – then after a fine night this morning started dry and dull, but by 11am the sunshine was back and it turned into a really lovely day. Although I had a lot to do it was far too nice to stay in so on went the wellies and I took Sophie and Poppie for a walk round the fields just up the road from home. The ground was a bit sloppy underfoot in some places but considering the previous three days’ weather most of it was still reasonably dry, and though it was much cooler than last weekend the sunshine made it a very pleasant walk.
The West Pennine Moors a few minutes walk from home





Wherever I go when I’m out with the dogs I always try to take a circular route and today as I was heading along a lane back towards home I was struck by the bright colour of a couple of trees showing above a hedge. One was a really vivid orange and the other was bright red, and together they made a really good splash of colour against the green of the hedge below them. I don’t know what sort of trees they are but I was glad I’d taken the camera with me as they were well worth a couple of photos.




The dogs were a bit on the muddy side when we finally got back home but a good rub down with a couple of towels soon sorted that out. It had been a good walk and we’d all enjoyed it – fingers crossed that the winter weather won’t be too severe and there’ll be many more country walks to come.

7 thoughts on “Sunshine after the rain….

  1. Wow! Those trees are vivid in color. I like how the skies look after the rain, and how it feels so clean. Your shots are lovely. Molly the Cat says so, too. She’s been traipsing over the keyboard for her turn at writing. 🙂


    1. It was surprising how beautiful the day turned out to be after a very dull start and the weather of the previous couple of days. The colours of those trees were so vivid I couldn’t NOT take a photo of them.

      Maybe you should let Molly walk over the keyboard then copy onto your blog whatever she’s written – it could be quite an interesting post 🙂


  2. Once again, great photos! The colours are beautiful, and I love the sunlight over the moors in the first picture. We’ve had nothing but rain down here in Devon lately – though for a short while today it was more like a heavy mist, so I guess that counts as a dry spell? 😉


    1. The colours, and the day, were beautiful – it was hard to believe that we had only recently had rain, sleet and snow. I have a friend who comes from Devon – Torquay – and she always says you don’t get rain down there, it’s just a sea mist 🙂

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  3. The trees are beautiful colours. It’s a shame the weather has turned so bad since you took those photos. I’ve seen on the news how badly Stalybidge was affected by flooding this week.


    1. I believe it’s been bad but I wasn’t here to see it as I’ve been back to Ireland. It was raining when we left Manchester airport on Monday morning, cloudy in Dublin but the further south we went the nicer it became and we arrived at out destination in glorious sunshine. Tuesday was lovely and yesterday too, and I got lots of nice photos while I was there. Today here at home it’s lovely and sunny but also very chilly.


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