A missing passport and a great bargain

Sunday Dec. 4th
The day started off with a very lazy morning for all three of us. Even Nellie, who was normally quite an early riser, stayed in bed until 10am; I lay reading for a while longer and Michael didn’t surface until gone 11.30, though I think it did us all good not to have anything to rush round for. It was while we were sitting at the table having brunch that Michael suddenly said “Where’s my passport?”. The previous day the funeral procession had stopped briefly outside the house on the way to the church and as he was feeling cold Michael had run in to get an extra jacket; his passport and an envelope with his return boarding pass had been in his inside jacket pocket so he’d taken them out and left them on the table. The envelope was still there but the passport wasn’t and I didn’t remember even seeing it there, so once we’d finished brunch we set about looking for it.
The three of us searched high and low, looking in cupboards and drawers, under cushions, and even dragging out various items of furniture but there was absolutely no sign of it so Nellie began ringing round everyone who had been in the house after the funeral to see if anyone else remembered seeing it, though she drew a blank with every phone call. Michael insisted that he couldn’t have lost it outside as he’d definitely put it on the table, so working on the assumption that if it was in the house it would turn up when we weren’t looking for it we each went about doing other things.
My first port of call was back at the castle; it was the last day of the Christmas market and I wanted to take some daylight photos before the stalls were dismantled and everything was taken away. The courtyard was very busy so it was hard to get any shots without someone getting in the way but I managed a handful then went for a walk round the town. Opposite the castle was the entrance to a small indoor shopping centre so I looked in there first then went out through double doors at the back which took me out to a large car park and a Tesco superstore.
Christmas market, castle courtyard




There are two Tesco supermarkets here in my home town but as they are each a five mile drive from home I rarely go to either of them so I decided to have a look round this one. I’d been wandering round for a while when I ended up in the clothes section and that’s when I saw it – a rail full of casual jackets with a colourful embroidered design which just shouted “Buy me!” There was only one in my size so I tried it on and it was perfect; I just had to have it but there was only one problem – I didn’t have enough money with me. Fortunately Roscrea is such a small town that everywhere is fairly close to everywhere else so it didn’t take me long to walk back to the house for some more money.
Hoping that no-one else had bought the jacket in the short time I’d been away I returned to Tesco and there it was, at the back of the rail just where I’d left it. It had been reduced in price too, from €29.80 to €21.40 so I was more than happy with that, but when I went through the checkout it was further reduced to €19 – that really was a surprise so I was more than a happy bunny when I left the store. It really is seriously gorgeous, although the photos I took don’t really do it justice.
Jacket 001
Jacket 002
Back at the house I found that Carol, who had helped Nellie to arrange the funeral, had called down and there was another hunt going on for Michael’s passport, but though everywhere that had been searched before was being searched again there was still no sign of it. This was a complete mystery, it seemed to have vanished into thin air; fortunately Michael wasn’t travelling home until Friday so there was still plenty of time to find it – fingers crossed it would put in an appearance well before then.

4 thoughts on “A missing passport and a great bargain

  1. I hope the passport shows up. Funny how things like that happen. When things to do show up, I sometimes think a spirit was just having a little bit of fun. I’m glad to hear you’re having pleasant times within this sadness. The wonder of life.


  2. I’m actually home now Susie, got back a week ago, but I’ve had so much to do since then that I’m only managing to write in fits and starts. You’ll have to read on to see if the passport showed up 🙂


  3. I thought I’d keep you in suspense Eileen 🙂

    When I saw the jackets I thought about waiting until I got home then going to my local Tesco but there’s no guarantee they would have any so it was a case of strike while the iron’s hot and I’m glad I did. I wore it when I went out on Sunday and a few people commented on it 🙂


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