A new mouse for Christmas

This little cutie is an early Christmas present to myself; I was lucky enough to win it on ebay at the beginning of the week and it arrived today. The seller’s listing described it as never having been displayed and it certainly does look new. It came in its original box with the original price ticket of £22 on it, and as I paid less than £5 I think that’s quite a bargain. It’s hard to tell from the photos but the tail is so well sculpted it looks almost real.



According to the box it’s a Sandringham piece, though I have to confess that in all my years of mouse collecting I’ve never come across that name before, and even a Google search hasn’t given me much information. There’s nothing written on the box other than ‘Sandringham – made in England’ so as it doesn’t seem to have a name or title I don’t know if it’s one of a series or just a one-off. It’s definitely cute though, and it’ll be making its home somewhere within my collection by the end of this evening.

9 thoughts on “A new mouse for Christmas

  1. It’s a lovely piece Eunice, well done on finding a bargain. It immediately reminded me of the cover of this year’s Countryfile calendar. When they were showing all the entries I picked out the cute mouse with the blackberries straight away as being the winner. I’m not a real life mouse lover but I do like ornaments and photos.


    1. I just had to Google that calendar, the winning entry is certainly cute. I had a look through the others too and I see the one for August is two harvest mice – the bottom one of the two looks adorable. I also noticed that September’s photo is Llanddwyn Island on Anglesey – I’ve got some really good photos from there myself, maybe I should start entering a few competitions 🙂


  2. Thanks Susie. Actually I was lucky to get it – I’d been looking on ebay for something else and decided to see if there were any mice listed before I closed the pc down for the evening This one was within an hour of ending so if I hadn’t checked I would have missed it.


    1. They are two separate words – both are nouns and in normal grammar you can’t usually join two nouns together to make one word, though obviously internet usernames and such like are an exception to the rule. The cafe sign struck me as being odd when I saw it – The Apple Tree Cafe would have looked and sounded much better. 🙂

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