You really couldn’t make this up

Following on from the first burglary at work in early November events have recently been getting more and more outrageous, and in spite of various security measures being put in place the same thieves have continued to target the premises. At the beginning of this month, on the night before I went to Ireland, they broke the lock off the pedestrian gate and broke into the gas bottle storage compound, stealing three large propane gas bottles. Unfortunately the gate and the compound are out of sight of where the dog security guy is on guard so this wasn’t discovered until several hours later.
While I was in Ireland the place was hit again, this time in broad daylight and right under the noses of various people who work there. One of the guys in the main works had an accident which needed an ambulance to attend and while everyone was at the front of the building and busy concerning themselves with him the thieves drove their van into the car park at the side, lifted another guy’s motorbike into the back of their van and drove out again. It must just have been pure coincidence that the thieves were in the vicinity at the time, so when the ambulance arrived at work they saw a chance and took it – it was certainly a very risky but bold move and they were lucky to get away with it. They were captured on cctv however, and although the images of their faces weren’t completely clear they showed enough to identify them as the same guys as before, but so far the police have been unable to trace them.
Then a couple of days ago, again in broad daylight, an incident happened which showed that these guys will stop at nothing to get what they want. Across the corner from where I work is a tyre fitting and MOT garage and the guy from there was working on a car just outside it when the thieves pulled up; two of them got out of their van and while one distracted the garage guy the other jumped into the car he was working on. Trying to stop the car from being stolen he jumped onto the front of the bonnet but the thief accelerated quickly, causing him to fall into the road; luckily he fell sideways and not directly in front of the car otherwise he would have been very seriously hurt or maybe even killed. The car didn’t get far though as the thief was in such a hurry to get away that he smashed into another car further down the street, causing considerable damage. He mustn’t have been injured though as he jumped out, jumped into their own van and the three of them got away. The whole incident was captured on our works cctv which this time provided a clear image of the van’s registration, but when the police checked they found that the number plates are false so up to now they are no nearer to finding and catching these guys.
Needless to say the PA is extremely concerned for my safety, especially when I’m locking up the premises after hours, and I now have to ring the dog man to let him know when I’m leaving so he can accompany me while I lock up. I’ve never been a nervous or timid person though and working alone and being the last one to leave a building and lock up has never bothered me, so I absolutely refuse to start worrying now about something which may or may not happen. There are even more security measures being put in place now anyway, so hopefully with more deterrants the thieves will soon give up and move on.

10 thoughts on “You really couldn’t make this up

  1. blimey o’reilly
    wot a story
    the thieves must be locals. Gas bottles – not gonna make much on those are they? It almost sounds as if they don’t care if they get caught, so don’t take risks just to prove you ain’t scared


    1. We think we know where they come from – the van is a white Transit and there’s a permanent traveller’s site not far away, with the lane from there to the main road leading past where I work. It doesn’t take a genius to work it out, but proving it is a different matter. Hopefully though they’ll do one job too many and finally get themselves caught.


  2. I lock myself in the building now once everyone else has gone so I’m safe in there, and I know I’m okay with the dog man when he comes round with me to lock up. I can’t see anyone wanting to mess with his dog, it’s huge and it’s nasty when it’s on duty 🙂


  3. I think audacious is the word for those thieves. Do be vigilant and take care Eunice. Something I used to tell my staff if they ever got challenged by anyone is to let them take what they want and don’t try to be a hero.


  4. The PA said that a while ago – if they ever did get into the building they could take as many lap tops as they wanted as long as I’m okay. It’s not likely that they would get in while I’m working but if they did I certainly wouldn’t try to stop them from taking what they wanted. To be honest, given the time of year, I think these guys are just after whatever they can get that can be easily sold on for a bit of cash and these incidents may very well stop once Christmas and New Year are over.


  5. It certainly is crazy, and how they managed to nick the motorbike when so many people were around is unbelievable. Hopefully they’ll slip up before long and they will get caught.


  6. Wow! I hope they catch the thieves soon. You’re brave, Eunice. I think of you as a person who is alert to her surroundings at all times.

    Merry Christmas!


  7. Merry Christmas to you too Susie 🙂

    I’m off work now until January 2nd so if these guys come back between now and then they’ll have the dog security to contend with. I think if I was a burglar one bark from Dyson the German Shepherd would have me running for the hills, never to be seen again! 🙂


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