Sophie & Poppie – my two little elves

After several quite dull grey days the weather today turned out to be quite reasonable with plenty of sunshine so I took the opportunity to take Sophie and Poppie for a long walk, but first I took a few snaps of them in their new Christmas outfits. Now I wouldn’t normally dress them up, though as they both have very short fine fur I do occasionally put them in hoodies to keep them warm when the weather is really cold, but my daughter-in-law bought these for them and they looked so cute I couldn’t resist getting the camera out. The writing on the back of each one says ‘Mummy’s little elf’ though neither of them would stay still long enough for me to photograph it.




Needless to say, the outfits were taken off again before we actually went for our walk as they are too nice to get dirty so they’ll be kept for indoors only and after New year they’ll be put away. Then in twelve months time – if I can remember where I’ve put them – I’ll get them out again and Sophie and Poppie can become my little elves for next Christmas.

4 thoughts on “Sophie & Poppie – my two little elves

  1. Oh my goodness, Sophie and Poppie look even more cute and adorable!!!!
    Your daughter-in-law has superb taste. I daren’t show Annie or she’ll want one too 🙂
    I might just remind you to get those little outfits out next year for some more serious cuteness 🙂
    I’m loving the snow falling over your blog too!


  2. The snow falling over the blog was by pure accident. I still can’t quite get my head round some of the WordPress features and I was looking for a way to add something to the side bar when I came across the snow option. It will last until January 6th, when presumably it will automatically disappear; actually, looking at it falling across this particular page, I think it rather enhances the photos of Sophie and Poppie.

    My daughter-in-law has bought things like this for the dogs on previous Christmases, usually more t-shirt style things, but they only wear them when the weather is cold. I think maybe she chose the elf ones this time to give me a much-needed smile as much as anything. I think she gets them from B & M so it may be worth having a look there if you wanted something similar for Annie 🙂


  3. Silly girl, cute though 🙂
    I never bought into the ‘dogs in coats’ thing until we brought Daisy home. Like your two she has extremely short hair and loses heat at an alarming rate. Now she is older Her Ladyship actually refuses to go out in the cold until she’s got one of her (many) coats on – we vary the garment depending on just how cold it is!


  4. I don’t see anything wrong with a proper coat or hoodie to keep a dog warm and/or dry in cold wet weather, some dogs need it, but to actually dress them up in daft outfits is just plain silly. I often wonder what the dogs think! The elf outfits were really cute but I wouldn’t have taken Sophit and Poppie out in them. 🙂


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