Looking back

I can’t remember if it was a couple of days before Christmas or a couple of days after, but Michael rang me one afternoon sounding all excited and telling me to get a copy of the local paper as he was in it. At first I thought it was something to do with where he works but no; the paper runs a weekly page called Looking Back where local photos from past years are featured, and this particular edition featured photos of school nativity plays from the 1980s and 90s. I looked online and photo no.56 was the one of Michael’s primary school nativity when he was five years old – and there he was, right on the front row and the only little donkey in the play.
I remember buying a copy of the photo at the time, but I can’t think where it is now as it will have been put away somewhere years ago, so I downloaded it to my pc. I’ve just come across it again now while looking for something else; it’s hard to believe that the five-year-old little donkey in that photo is now an adult with a good job and responsibilities, but he looks so darned cute I just had to share it.

8 thoughts on “Looking back

  1. one of the great mysteries of life, isn’t it? For my Dad, seeing me driving he always said he could see me aged 13 and how ludicrous it was that I was fit to drive. Well, maybe he didn’t put it quite as rudely as that!
    My little brother, the one who had long hair and lived in a Bender indulging in magic mushrooms? He’s in a very important job now. Weird.


  2. It’s amazing how people change as they grow up, probably not so much in looks but certainly in maturity.

    I went to a funeral one day last week and the granddaughter of the guy who’d died was there with her fiance – I recognized the very smart young man as having been a real troublemaker at the secondary school where I used to work. He’s twenty six now and in middle management at a local firm – it was so weird to remember him how he was when at school and see how he’s turned out now.


  3. Ah yes, he’s very cute! All those cute little children are now all grown up, probably with careers and their own families. Time certainly flies by for sure.
    I saw a van not so long ago and recognised the name on the side as being one of my son’s old school friends, quite an unusual name as it happens, and now he has his own building business. I did look around at the workmen on the site but wouldn’t have recognised him in the crowd!


  4. I can only recognize one other child in that photo and that’s the one immediately behind Michael and behind the crib. I don’t know any of the others and Michael can’t remember them either. As you say, they will no doubt all have careers and families of their own now – time certainly flies by pretty rapidly doesn’t it!


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