The invisible dog

Last night, while in the middle of typing an email, I needed to get something from the living room, and what I saw when I went in there made me instantly fetch the camera to take a couple of photos. Poppie was curled up in her bed as usual but Sophie’s bed was empty – well that’s what it looked like, but I knew she was in there somewhere as she’s done this disappearing trick before. The zip on the cover of her bed has broken and it doesn’t zip up all the way across, so she’d crawled in the opening and was curled up in the bed but under the cover – it looked just like an empty dog bed until the small ‘lump’ in it started moving.
Poppie’s bed
Sophie’s bed – she’s in there somewhere
I remember when she did this a while ago, I thought at first she was hiding behind the furniture but I couldn’t see her anywhere and it was only when she started moving about under the cover that I realised where she was. The whole bed appeared to be moving as if an alien was about to burst out through the cover and it looked really weird, though I had to laugh. It was only after she’d finally crawled out of there last night that I thought maybe I should have filmed it as it looked quite amusing – I think that’s one I must remember for the next time she becomes invisible.

6 thoughts on “The invisible dog

  1. Maybe she did πŸ™‚ I often wonder if they somehow talk to each other when I’m not there.

    Have you noticed the look on Poppie’s face – I don’t think she was too impressed with the camera flash 😦


  2. Aww, bless. 🐢 My Daisy is similar in that whilst she’s not hiding, she does LOVE to be completely covered up. With her it is all about keeping warm and being in a snug little nest. In the wild dogs will seek out very sheltered places – wolves have their cubs in holes dug under tree roots, I think they’re just doing what comes naturally and you are ‘kind enough’ to facilitate that 🐾


  3. Unfortunately sewing isn’t something I like doing otherwise I would have stitched the cover up long before now. Sophie was in there again this morning so I don’t want to deprive her of her hiding place by stitching it up πŸ™‚


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