Pictures for my dog wall

Just before Christmas a couple of years ago – December 2014 – I sadly lost my lovely little dog Sugar due to kidney failure. She was sixteen and a half years old, had been a wonderful friend and companion since she was only eight months, and I was heartbroken when she left me. Not long afterwards one of my friends gave me a surprise present in the form of a collage canvas print made up of six different photos of Sugar and Sophie; because she’d wanted it to be a surprise she couldn’t ask me for the actual photos so she’d copied them from various pages of my camping blog, which meant that when the canvas was made up the photos were third hand and the overall result wasn’t quite as clear as it could have been. It was still a very good print though and I was both thrilled and touched that she’d gone to the trouble and expense of doing that to cheer me up.
I put the picture on the wall in front of my pc so I can see it while I’m typing, and I was looking at it one day a while later when I had the germ of an idea. In my living room I have quite a sizeable blank wall space crying out for some artwork to fill it, so I would have another collage canvas done of Sugar on her own and also get individual ones of Sophie and Poppie, and that could be my ‘dog wall’. These things aren’t exactly cheap though, and to have three done at once would cost an arm and three legs, so I decided that even though it would take a while I would get them done one at once and only when there was a special offer on which drastically reduced the price.
Not long after I’d got Sugar’s picture done my ex partner’s dog came to live with me; my ex had passed away very suddenly and there was no-one to take his cat and dog so they both came to me. I knew Sam from when my ex and I were together, he was a lovely dog and no trouble at all, but he was elderly and he’d only been with me for six months when sadly he died too, just before New Year 2016. Again I was heartbroken at losing a much-loved friend, but I had lots of photos of him from previous years so I had a collage print made up in his memory. A few months later I had Sophie’s picture done and just recently I completed the four with Poppie’s picture; the canvasses are all 16ins (40cm) square and are from the Classic Lite range atΒ Photobox.
That’s not the end of it though; to get a full set I need to get a canvas done of Skippy, the little Jack Russell I had before Sugar. She was with me for fourteen years so it wouldn’t be fair to leave her out, but it will be a while before I can get it done – all the photos I have of her were taken before I had a digital camera so it means searching through my many albums for the suitable ones and scanning them into my pc before I can design the canvas, although it will be the same layout as the others. When it comes to putting them all on the wall I’ll have Sam in the centre then Skippy top left, Sugar top right, Sophie bottom left and Poppie bottom right – and with the right amount of spacing between them all I think my dog wall should look okay.

10 thoughts on “Pictures for my dog wall

  1. Thank you for sharing your pictures Eunice, they are wonderful. What a lovely friend you have to do the original canvas of Sugar for you. It’s wonderful what can be done now in this digital age. It’ll be a labour of love sorting through your favourite prints of Skippy for your final collage. Your completed dog wall will be more than OK, it’ll be just perfect.


    1. Thank you Eileen. I’m looking forward to when I finally get the wall done but it will be a while yet – I’m just hoping I can find enough photos of Skippy to get the final canvas done. I really like Photobox too, designing the canvasses is really easy and the service and delivery times are very good.
      The centre right photo of Sugar was one of the last ones I ever got of her, it was taken the day before she died so it’s particularly special to me. The bottom left one was taken in the Great Orme cable car; the centre one and the top left one of Sophie were taken outside Tides bistro at The Beach caravan park, Abergele. The bottom right one of Poppie was taken the day after I got her just over two years ago, she really looks quite young on that one but she was already six years old. πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you Anabel. I’ve taken so many photos of my dogs over the years and it seems a shame just to have them hiding away in albums or on the pc so putting some of them on canvas and having a dog wall will be a good way to display them πŸ™‚

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  2. Oh Eunice, very sad but very beautiful too. I particularly like some of the photos of Sam (not that the others aren’t gorgeous!!) 🐾 🐢 🐾

    I still have photos of Ollie around the house, and he’s been gone nearly 8 years, so nothing wrong with you having beautiful collages of your four-legged family. I’ve used Photobox for calendars but never something as ‘big’ as this, but you’ve definitely given me some ideas, thank you 😊


  3. Glad to have given you some ideas Jayne. At the moment Photobox have a sale on ending next Monday night, the 16″x16″ collage canvas is down from Β£35 to Β£21. I’ve always waited until they’ve been cheaper than that though.

    Sam was a very handsome dog when he was younger and very photogenic – of all the photos I took of him not one was a bad one. The one of Sophie in her yellow hoodie makes me smile every time I see it – the hoodie is a bit too big for her and I think it makes her look rather like a glove puppet with a plastic head. πŸ™‚


  4. dogs can be hard to photograph, can’t they. Thank goodness for digital cameras. I took about 40 of my Cinnamon Trust dog, Sox, in order to get one or 2 that were usable. He always began to walk away as I focused, so I got lots of pictures of his rear end. Well done for all that work and the excellent results.


  5. Sam wasn’t too bad, he would usually stay in one place long enough for me to get a photo but the little ones always seem to move just at the crucial time, so like you I’ve ended up taking several shots although with some of them I’ve been lucky enough to get the right one first time. Who was it said ‘never work with children and animals’? – I sometimes think they got the animal part right. πŸ™‚


  6. To be honest I don’t really go for filling walls with lots of pictures, less is more so to speak, but this particular blank wall will easily take more than one and as I have no immediate family other than my son I think the dogs deserve the space πŸ™‚


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