After eight years of faithful service….

My bedroom tv recently died. It was towards the end of last week that I noticed when I turned it on there was a pale red haze on the picture, although it had cleared in less than a minute. Everything was fine when I watched it on Sunday night but on Monday morning when I turned it on it had sound but no picture. Well that was okay, I didn’t need to actually watch the quiz programme, I could listen to the questions and answers, however a couple of hours later the sound disappeared too – my faithful little tv had finally died.
I bought the set back in March 2009 – with built-in Freeview and dvd player it was great for in the bedroom but being only a small size -15.6ins – and very light it was ideal for taking camping too. It was a Technika, Tesco’s own brand, and I ordered it online from Tesco Direct, to be collected two days later from my local store. On the day of collection I got an email to say I could collect it any time after 4pm so I went over to the store after I finished work at 6.45pm – and that’s when things didn’t exactly run smoothly. The assistant on the collection desk told me it closed at 7pm, and although it was only 7.05 I was told I would have to go back the following day – and the conversation went like this :
Assistant – “Sorry, the desk is closed and the store room is locked, you’ll have to come back tomorrow”
Me – “There was no mention of a closing time on the email, it just said ‘after 4pm’. I’ve just come five and a half miles from the other side of town to get this”
Assistant – “That’s nothing to do with me, all I can say is come back tomorrow”
Me – “And all I can say is I can’t come back tomorrow so I’d like my tv now please”
Assistant – “Sorry, there’s nothing I can do”
Me – “Well I’m sorry too, but I’m not leaving here without my tv”
This same conversation went on for a couple of minutes and I was beginning to get mildly irritated at the assistant’s obvious refusal to help so –
Me – “Okay then, get me a supervisor”
So a supervisor was duly summoned and was slightly more helpful in that she went to see if there was a tv on the shelf in the store but there wasn’t so again I was told to go back the following day. Now many people may have given up at that point but I’m not many people so –
Me (leaning over the counter with arms folded) – “Now we can do this the easy way or we can do it the hard way. You’re open 24 hours aren’t you?”
Supervisor – Yes, we are”
Me – “Well I’ve nothing to go home for and I’ve got all night, so I’m quite prepared to stay here for however long it takes, but I’m not leaving this store until I get my tv”
Supervisor to assistant – “Radio security”
I’m now thinking I’m going to be escorted off the premises, however when the security guy arrived the supervisor explained the position and he immediately went round behind the collection desk, unlocked the store room door and came back out with my tv, which had been sitting just inside the door – it really was that simple. So I’d stood my ground and without ever raising my voice I got what I wanted – and that’s the only trouble my tv has given me until now. And I have to say it’s been a brilliant little set – it’s even survived being dropped onto hard ground twice.
The first time it hit the deck was back in June 2010 while I was camping in Norfolk. A teenage lad playing football slipped and fell into the side of my tent, knocking over the table with the tv on it – I feared the worst but luckily the tv was fine. The second mishap came when I was camping again later that same year. The tv was on top of my larder unit which is about three and a half feet tall, and I returned to the tent after a day out to find the set face down on the floor – a wind had blown up while I was out and the tent side had bowed inwards, catching the back of the larder unit and rocking it enough to send the tv crashing to the floor. I fully expected the screen to be smashed but surprisingly it was still in one piece, and even more surprisingly the tv still worked, so even though it wasn’t an expensive set I was impressed with the quality as it certainly turned out to be drop-proof – and it’s given me almost eight years of trouble-free viewing.
So with this in mind, when it finally died a death on Monday I had no hesitation in sourcing another one from Tesco. Unfortunately smaller ‘portable’ tv sets seem to be hard to come by now and the smallest available was a 24ins but the price was right – only £20 more than my original set – it has the built-in dvd player and Freeview and a host of features the other one didn’t. Okay, so it’s pink – or rather it’s PINK!!! – but that doesn’t matter as my bedroom is pink so it doesn’t look out of place. It was ordered on Monday evening and I collected it yesterday with no problems, and twenty minutes after I arrived home it was in place and working – and if it lasts as long as it’s predecessor I’ll be more than happy.



12 thoughts on “After eight years of faithful service….

  1. It would be lovely to think/hope you will get eight years from your new set but nothing is built to last anymore. Pre-programmed obsolescence (a.k.a. using crappy cheap parts which cannot possibly last more than a couple of years) is built in to ensure consumerism keeps rolling on. Sod the planet, sod the waste of resources – endless capitalism must prevail. (Sorry for early morning rant, if you want a telly in the bedroom you should have one!!)


    1. I agree with you in many ways Jayne. Many people want the latest ‘must have’ gadget or bit of technology, things become obsolete within months and nothing is built to last like things used to do. At one time I wouldn’t dream of having a tv in the bedroom but I suffer from SAD in winter – it plays havoc with my sleep patterns – so I like to have something to watch to while away any sleepless hours. I’m surprised my old tv lasted as long as it did so fingers crossed I get a good few years out of the new one too.


  2. The description of your conversation did make me laugh, I can sort of imagine you standing your ground in Tesco 🙂 Actually, you were absolutely right to do so and how rude was that first assistant! Your television served you well and I hope your new one lasts a long time too.

    I must have had a similar TV to the one you describe, I actually won it in a raffle when I went to a conference in Stoke-on-Trent for my Company. All us managers met up in Liverpool and we were taken there by coach. Anyway, luckily my daughter was able to collect the TV from the conference centre for me, although my area manager had offered to deliver it to my store. I never used the television, it sat in my spare bedroom for quite a few years until I decided to sell it on eBay, a man from the next town bought it for next to nothing! The television I have in my bedroom is one I took from downstairs when I replaced that, it’s so big it’s like being in the cinema 🙂


  3. I’ve actually just butchered the old tv, there was a dvd stuck inside it which I needed to get out so out came a couple of screwdrivers and with twenty minutes of patience I’d got the dvd player out of it and retrieved the disc – and because I felt sad seeing the tv in bits I put it all back together again! 🙂


  4. Looking back I suppose the scenario in Tesco sounds rather amusing but it wasn’t at the time – I wanted my tv and I was determined to get it come hell or high water – and my persistence paid off. Maybe they were glad to give me the tv just to get rid of me! 🙂


  5. I don’t often listen to the radio these days – over the years I’ve alternated between many stations and though each one sounds okay when I start listening to it I find they all seem to play the same sort of stuff, the songs are constantly interspersed with adverts or inane chat and they all sound the same after a while. If I want music these days I have a wide ranging collection of cds – and oddly enough it was only last year I discovered that my old tv played music cds so I didn’t need to take a separate cd player when I went camping. 🙂


    1. We’re really spoilt these days with dozens of TV and radio channels, music and spoken word, news et al. Unable to sleep last night I re-joined the dogs on the settee and found a TV repeat of The Real Marigold Hotel. NOT something I would have chosen, normally, but in my midnight sleeplessness it just hit the spot.


  6. I must admit that’s not something I would choose to watch. My late night/sleepless night viewing mainly consists of quiz programmes as I don’t have to actually watch them, though I draw the line at game shows like the Crystal Maze and Fort Boyard, I just can’t stand them.


  7. I think quiet persistence will often pay off better than arguing and shouting – well it certainly did in this case anyway. And my new tv is working fine, although it’s Sod’s law that now I’ve actually bought another one two friends have each offered to give me one that they no longer use!

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