The calm after the storm

Storm Doris didn’t really hit my local area until yesterday morning was well under way. When I went to work at 7am it was fine, dry and there was no wind; I don’t know exactly when the rain started but when I came out of work at 8.30am it was lashing down and I got drenched just running across the car park to the van. I’m currently looking after Aphra, my friend Janet’s dog, and she was due for her morning walk but there was no way I was taking her out in that – and I don’t think she wanted to go out anyway – so she just got a quick five minutes in the garden. Driving back home past the fields and lower moorland there were several large areas of standing water across the road, testament to how hard it had rained in such a short space of time.
The wind hit from nowhere, blowing up round about 10am, and it was constant until the early evening. Back at my friend’s I discovered that one of her artificial flowering plants, which had been in a concrete-weighted tub outside the front door, had blown away, and although I looked in neighbouring gardens and searched the immediate area it was absolutely nowhere to be seen – it had disappeared completely. Other than a few empty wheelie bins being blown over the village seemed to have escaped fairly lightly, but in other areas of the town trees have been blown down across roads, a couple of house and garden walls have collapsed and my friend Lin who lives round the corner from me has had her back fence blown down.
This morning it’s a completely different story; it’s fine, dry, sunny and calm, and when I went up to Janet’s to take Aphra for her walk I took the camera with me. Only a couple of hundred yards from the house I passed a garden with a bank of snowdrops nestling in the shelter of a large conifer tree; there were even a few purple crocuses coming into flower in one corner. There was a bit of a chilly breeze coming off the moors and rippling the surface of the Blue Lagoon reservoir but it was quite pleasant in the early morning sunshine and Aphra got a good walk to make up for not going out yesterday.
The Blue Lagoon with Winter Hill in the background
Looking west
As I drove back down the hill towards home later on I could see several grey clouds gathering beyond the south of the town. I don’t watch tv weather forecasts so hopefully storm Doris has passed, and although those grey clouds may well bring more rain later on I’m enjoying the current sunshine while it lasts.

4 thoughts on “The calm after the storm

  1. Your post proves that Doris worked her way eastwards across the UK. The noise of the wind and heavy rain woke me about 3am and I got up and came downstairs and made myself a coffee before going back to bed for a couple of hours. The wind eased off late afternoon but it kept on raining hard.

    I wasn’t going to take Annie out in it either and I have given her a longer walk today to make up for it, just as you have done with Aphra. Aren’t we daft feeling guilty like that when dogs don’t like getting wet either 🙂 Aphra has a lovely, unusual name that I’ve not heard before.

    It’s nice and sunny here today, husband is just doing a temporary fix to our fence which Doris damaged yesterday 😦 The snowdrops are really pretty. I didn’t know you had a Blue Lagoon where you live Eunice, I only know about the one in Iceland 🙂


  2. My friend Janet seems to have a thing for giving her pets unusual names – Aphra is named after Aphra Behn, a 17th century playwright, poet and author who also worked as a spy for Charles ll.

    The Blue Lagoon’s official name is Ward’s Reservoir but no-one ever calls it that. It’s been known as the Blue Lagoon for as long as I remember though I don’t know why – time for a bit of research I think 🙂


  3. We have a Blue Lagoon in Glasgow too. It’s a chip shop 😉 We had a bit of snow yesterday but seem to have avoided the worst of Doris. I went to the launch of a new playscript about Aphra Behn recently, what a fascinating woman!


  4. Good heavens, coincidences all round 🙂 My friend was a historian and university lecturer so she’s been rather prone to giving her pets odd names – she once had a cat named Cady after Elizabeth Cady Stanton, an early women’s rights activist, which was all very well but she also had a dog called Katy so it was all very confusing.

    We have another Blue Lagoon here too, it’s on the main road about a mile away and is a launderette 🙂


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