Another one joins the collection

Here’s the latest mouse to join my collection. It was on ebay last weekend and when the auction ended I’d been the only bidder so I got it for the starting price which was an absolute bargain. It arrived today with a message from the seller written on the box it was packed in – ‘Hope you enjoy your mouse and he likes his new home’ – which I thought was rather sweet.
It’s a Wildtrack one, hand made in Scotland; it doesn’t have a title but it’s one I haven’t seen before. Wildtrack mice don’t appear for sale very often so I was lucky to get this one; now all I have to do is find a suitable space for it within my ever growing collection.

6 thoughts on “Another one joins the collection

  1. It’s a very cute mouse. That was a lovely message from the seller and you can leave her some good feedback on eBay. It almost sounds like she didn’t want to part with it 🙂


    1. The seller’s listing said the mouse was part of an inheritance and has previously been in a cabinet with other ornaments so maybe it wasn’t originally hers but the message did sound like she was sad to see it go. It’s definitely got a good home with me though 🙂


  2. The answer to that? – Pledge Fluffy Dusters. I use them all the time, both at home and at work, and they’re great for cleaning hard to dust items. The mice in the display cabinets don’t get dusty though as the doors are a really good fit, so fortunately I don’t have to clean them all.


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