Making plans for Easter

A couple of days ago I finally got round to doing something about my Easter camping weekend and after much thought and weighing up various pros and cons I decided to go back to the quiet little site in North Wales where I spent last Easter and August bank holidays. A quick phone call to the lovely couple who own the site and I was booked in on pitch no.8, the same one as last year, from Good Friday until the following Tuesday. My pitch won’t be available until 1pm but I don’t mind that too much as I can spend some time in Llangollen en route.
Plans for the weekend – subject to changes and weather permitting – include driving up Horseshoe Pass, visiting a country house, a castle and a huge car boot sale, and a walk along the canal, and maybe if the sky is clear enough I’ll let the dogs pull me up the steep hill above Llangollen to Castell Dinas Bran. The MOT is due on the van at the end of this month but I don’t forsee any major problems with that, so once I’ve got the all-important certificate in my sticky little paw I’ll be packing in the camping gear. By the time Easter comes round it’ll be seven months since I camped in Norfolk last September but it seems like forever so I’m really looking forward to this – and keeping my fingers crossed that the weather gods will give me lots of blue sky and sunshine for the whole weekend!

12 thoughts on “Making plans for Easter

    1. My van gets called many things – usually mobile dog kennel or mobile junk shop – but I’ve never thought of it as being a Wendy House on wheels πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I agree, it’s great to get to this time of year when we can think about getting away somewhere πŸ™‚


  1. I’ve been up Dinas Bran twice. Steep, but not far. I love hills like that, with a proper ‘top’ and there’s the ruins too. I hope you get some great weather at Easter


  2. I went up there a couple of years ago. A signpost on the road at the start of the path says it’s a mile from there to the top but it felt like more than a mile by the time I got up there. The views are well worth the climb though πŸ™‚


  3. I don’t watch weather forecasts so I don’t know about North Wales – and it can do what it likes at Easter, I’m still going camping! – but at the moment it’s wet where I live as it’s rained almost constantly yesterday and today. At least I managed to take the dogs for a good walk on Wednesday, that was the best day of the week. πŸ™‚


  4. Fingers crossed your van sails through it’s MOT. Your plans for Easter sound exciting. We drove over the Horseshoe Pass last year and it’s a great drive with lovely views. There is the Ponderosa cafe up there with free parking, although we didn’t call in, I’m just thinking about your coffee and cake break πŸ™‚ Watch out for sheep on the road, there’s lots of them.


  5. I’ve seen photos of the Ponderosa cafe, looks like there’s a lot of bikers up there. I’m used to sheep on the road, you get them quite often on the moorland roads round here. I’ve heard the views from up there are good so I’ll only be going up if the weather is clear. The car boot I’m thinking of going to is the one at Chirk – if you like them and you don’t mind driving from where you are then I can recommend it, in good weather it’s HUGE πŸ™‚


  6. What’s a car boot sale? In the U.S. car boots are enormous clunky locks that police put on people’s car wheels when they have too many outstanding parking tickets. I can’t imagine that it’s the same over there. Hope you have great weather for your trip.


  7. I’m sure there must be many ‘car boot sales’ in your country but you’ll know them by a different terminology, bearing in mind that what we call the ‘boot’ of a car you call the trunk. These sales are normally held on Sundays and public holidays in places like fields, car parks etc, people just load any unwanted items into their cars and set up a stall at the sale, usually behind or at the side of their vehicles. Being held out in the open they are very much governed by the weather, though there are often permanent indoor sales set up in old mill buildings. The one I’m planning on going to is on an old airfield, it’s so big that if you stopped at every stall it would take hours to get round. And believe it or not I actually have a ‘Denver boot’ left over from my pre-solo caravanning days, we had it to stop the caravan being stolen when we weren’t using it πŸ™‚


  8. We have flea markets here too, very often in places like church halls and usually selling more in the way of ‘antiques’, curios and collectables, whereas car boot sales sell anything and everything. The expression ‘flea market’ always makes me smile, when I was young I thought they were places which sold fleas πŸ™‚


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