If ever there was a time to feel bad….

It was this morning. Why? Because I stood on Mouse. Yes, it probably sounds funny, and it looks funny now I’ve written it down, but it wasn’t at the time and I felt awful.
Now there are many ways to describe Mouse – peculiar, odd, a one-off, affectionate, funny, totally mad but also totally adorable, she’s all of those things and more, and she’s very much the favourite out of all three cats. This morning when I was getting ready to go out she was lying on the landing floor in a patch of sunlight near the bedroom door, but by the time I came out of the bedroom again I’d completely forgotten she was there and I stood right on her. Of course her natural reaction, along with the howl of pain, was to retaliate with her claws and they swiftly connected with my left ankle, but within seconds she had forgiven me and lay there purring away while I stroked her to say sorry.
It must have been ten minutes later when I noticed a couple of small streaks of fresh blood on the carpet where Mouse was lying – I must have injured her in some way and I was mortified. It seemed like I may be making a trip to the vet’s but a thorough inspection found the cause of the blood – a small nick about halfway along her tail. Other than that she was okay so the wound was given a quick clean up with a damp cotton wool ball and the problem was sorted. I’ve checked her tail a couple of times since then and thankfully it’s absolutely fine, showing no more signs of having been trodden on.
Copy of Copy of Mouse 2 012
As I type this Mouse is sitting in one of her favourite places, on the rail at the top of the stairs; she’s probably already forgotten that I stood on her this morning but she’ll be getting an extra treat with her supper tonight to make up for it.

10 thoughts on “If ever there was a time to feel bad….

    1. I’m sure she does. Most cats would go off in a sulk if that happened to them but all Mouse does is cuddle up and purr – that’s one reason why I felt bad about standing on her 😦


  1. Many years ago I took in a stray cat with a damaged tail that looked like it had been trapped in a door – the wound slowly healed but the damaged bit shrivelled and fell off. He looked quite cute though with only half a tail and he was with me for several years after that. He was black and white with very even makings so I called him Panda 🙂


  2. She looks grumpy but she isn’t really, she’s actually a very happy little cat. It’s difficult to get any decent photos of her though as she either turns her head away or moves at the wrong moment.


  3. I actually thought I’d stood on Mouse’s body rather than just her tail so when I saw the blood I really thought I’d done her some real harm. I’m glad it was only her tail though, and she’s none the worse for her encounter with my foot 🙂


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