An unusual present and a nice afternoon

I don’t suppose there are many mums who can say that they got two packets of hot dog rolls, two packets of teacakes and a packet of sandwich rolls as a present on Mother’s Day but that’s just what Michael gave me yesterday morning. Yes, my son definitely has a daft sense of humour! He actually works where these things are made so he often brings stuff home for me and it’s not the first time he’s given me things as ‘presents’ – a couple of years ago I got three packets of crumpets and a toastie loaf for my birthday!
Copy of Mother's day Lytham 2017 014
Fortunately those weren’t the proper present(s). Along with a lovely card he’d actually got me chocolates, a dvd, a book, and a lovely pot of pink chrysanthemums in a pink basket which looks nice on the unit in my pink bedroom, and he also took me out for a meal – well I took us out as he can’t drive but he paid for the fuel to get there. We took the dogs and went to St. Annes on the coast, had a nice walk along the beach followed by a lovely meal in the Beach Terrace Cafe (one of my favourite eateries for many years) then another walk along the beach before returning home.
Copy of Mother's day Lytham 2017 017
The weather was glorious and although there was a cool breeze blowing along the beach the sun was fairly warm so it was a very pleasant afternoon, and all in all I had a really nice day. We don’t really make a fuss about Easter so the next special occasion is my birthday in June – maybe I’ll get lucky and get a packet of bagels or some spiced fruit bread for that one!

6 thoughts on “An unusual present and a nice afternoon

  1. What a lovely son you have 🙂 He certainly spoiled you, your flowers are lovely and you had a lovely day out with him, doesn’t get much better than that!

    I can’t believe the coincidences that crop up in your posts. My first proper boyfriend used to be the driver’s mate on a bread delivery van. He was more keen on me than I was on him but that’s another story. Anyhow, they used to drive up my mother’s road on their bread round and he’d stop every day and drop off bread and cakes. Mother used to be very happy with that which was very annoying when I was trying to dump him 🙂


    1. I bet your mother was hoping you’d eventually marry him so she would have bread and cakes for many years 🙂

      The bakery where Michael works is less than two miles from home and with the wind in the right direction I sometimes catch the aroma of baking bread. When he was a kid he always said it smelled like they were making toast and he wanted to get a job there when he grew up – little did we know then that years later he would end up working there. He even met the Queen briefly when she toured the bakery a few years ago.

      I had a lovely day on Sunday and the dogs enjoyed their walks on the beach too. I’ve not been to St. Annes for quite a while so it really made a nice change. 🙂


  2. Mothering Sunday as it was back-in-the-day was scorned in our family as being tainted by religion. Beginning before I was born in 1957 our family didn’t ‘do’ either religion or royalty. With the happy exception of Christmas. Goodness me it would have been awful if Xmas was embargoed too. When the Queen visited Northampton, guess who was the only girl in class not to turn out to wave? I think it’s fair to say my Dad was republican, but Mum wasn’t. But they agreed on the no-religion thing. I grew up being used to being a bit ‘different’, it wasn’t too painful really.


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