Sometimes dogs can be so embarrassing

An email ‘conversation’ with my blogging friend Eileen recently triggered the memory of a rather amusing but embarrassing dog-related incident which happened some years ago. It had nothing really to do with the subject of our emails but now having thought about it I can’t seem to unthink it, so I’ve decided to share it instead.
Back in April 2003 my then partner acquired Sam,Β a 4-month old German Shepherd/Border Collie cross. He was a lovely dog and right from the start he got on well with my dog Sugar, but he was a bit of a clown and not exactly blessed with intelligence, though he was also very loveable and often a great source of amusement with the daft things he did. As he grew older and Mother Nature gave him raging male hormones he would ‘hump’ anything he could get his paws round – chair legs, table legs and gate posts to name but a few, and it caused great hilarity one evening when he tried to hump the wrong end of one of the cats. Needless to say, the cat in question wasn’t best pleased!
Now while his antics may have seemed funny to us while we were indoors they were rather embarrassing if we were ever in company, especially if the people we were with also had a dog, so eventually the decision was made – a trip to the vet’s and Sam came home minus two bits of his anatomy. It did calm him down quite a lot but not completely, and every so often he would still get the urge to hump something if he could get his paws round it.
A couple of years later we were camping in North Wales with my partner’s brother and sister-in-law and their dog Bru; the weather was glorious so one particular day we decided to take a picnic and drive to Bala lake. The car park there is right by the lakeside and in certain parts of it it’s possible to park within a few yards of the water’s edge so we found a suitable place next to a shingle beach and settled in to enjoy the day. The water there was very shallow for quite a distance out and the three dogs really enjoyed themselves racing in and out after sticks and stones thrown for them.
It was while we were setting out our picnic that we realised Sam had gone missing; he couldn’t have been far away but with no response to our calls my partner and I went to look for him. It didn’t take long to find him – he was in the shallow water about fifty yards along the lake shore in the next little bay, and in full view of anyone who may have been looking he was humping a big black dog whose owner didn’t look particularly happy. I wasn’t sure if the black dog also being a male made the whole scenario better or worse but we apologised to his owner, and as I waded out to get Sam I really wanted the ground to open up and swallow the pair of us, especially when my partner then said to the other guy “He couldn’t do any harm anyway, he’s had his nuts off”!
Back at the car though, my partner and I couldn’t keep straight faces as we told Alan and Louise what had just happened and we all had a good laugh about it. Sam did eventually grow out of the humping habit but that day was never forgotten and we laughed about it a few times over the years. Sadly Sam isΒ no longer aroundΒ but many of his antics will always be remembered, even if they were a source of great embarrassment at the time.
Copy of California - April 07 006
Station Camp Site - Easter 2014 058
Bala Lake

11 thoughts on “Sometimes dogs can be so embarrassing

  1. lovely story. My cockerel tried to mate with my 2 ducks last year but I thought he’d seen the error of his ways. However, with the advent of Spring he’s started again. They’re big and unharmed by this. Would make a good You’ve Been Framed with an 18 certificate!


  2. Thanks for the comment Liz. Sam certainly was a very handsome dog, and he was such a loveable clown that it was very difficult to tell him off when he’d done something he shouldn’t have πŸ™‚


  3. I’d not been living in the UK very long when I was visiting a newish friend at her parents home. They had a mature English setter who half way through a very stilted evening in the parents lounge decided that my left leg looked perfect for a staid old dog hump. The already awkward conversation dried up while the entire family avoided eye contact and studiously ignored that */””^& dog. As an adult I would have pushed the dog away but as a teenager I died with embarrassment.


  4. Aww Sam was a lovely lad even if he did embarrass you πŸ™‚

    I’ve never had a male dog but I’m sure you know that bitches can be just as randy too. Annie has always liked to hump our pillows and I have to buy no end of pillowcases and pillow protectors. At one point I thought I had moths in the store cupboard until I realised they were teeth holes in the pillowcases made as she held on tight during her many humping sessions πŸ™‚ She still enjoys the occasional hump even at ten years old!

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  5. That’s quite funny πŸ™‚ Did you buy mothballs for the store cupboard before you realised what the holes in the pillowcases were? Annie looks so quiet and innocent on her photos πŸ™‚


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