Back after Easter

I arrived home at 3.45pm this afternoon after quite a mixed weekend in more ways than one. Weather-wise things could have been better; the days were mainly dull, grey and cloudy with rain showers, heavy at times and prolonged during the nights, though there was a reasonable amount of sunshine on Saturday but a bitterly cold wind to go with it. Then of course Sod’s Law decreed that today, when I had to pack everything up and come home, it turned out to be glorious all day.
The changeable weather didn’t stop me from getting out and about though and with the exception of an intended canal-side walk I did everything I wanted to do and more besides, including going on a llama trek high up in the Berwyn mountains. I also suffered a few minor irritations, one of which was an unexpected and upsetting encounter with the most obnoxious, verbally aggressive and rude woman I’ve ever met, though fortunately neither that nor any of the other things spoiled the weekend for me.
I’ve taken a total of 223 photos over the four days, though some of those are duplicates so once I start sorting them out that number will be whittled down somewhat. As this isn’t a camping blog I’m only putting a couple of them on here, the best of the rest will find their way onto my other blog once I start writing about the weekend. So here’s a taster of things to come – eventually – over on my ‘tigermousetales’ blog, although the llama trek, which I did yesterday, may possibly feature on here as a Monday walk.
Copy of Easter, Felin Uchaf, 2017 227
Felin Uchaf camp site
Copy of Easter, Felin Uchaf, 2017 036
Bala lake
Copy of Easter, Felin Uchaf, 2017 192
Eddie and Kubera

4 thoughts on “Back after Easter

  1. I thought about you on your camping weekend with the weather being so variable. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip regardless of the irritations. My goodness, a llama trek, I had no idea they did that in north Wales, I can’t wait to read more and see your photos. Welcome home 🙂


  2. The llama trek was expensive but very enjoyable and took me through countryside not normally accessible to the public as much of it is private land. The views from high up were great – it’s just a shame it was a really dull day, if it had been sunny I could have got some really good photos.

    I found the ‘clean up’ sign too and got my own photo of it – I think it’s great, especially as it’s been designed by kids 🙂


  3. She’s probably so used to being horrible to people that she’s quite happy to live with herself! I encountered her on my way to do the llama trek – Carol, the lady with the llamas (who was really lovely in comparison) said I’m not the first person to be verbally abused by this woman and if she can make trouble for anyone, no matter how petty the reason, she will do. My encounter with her seems to have been the last straw for Carol and she said she’s now going to see a solicitor to find out if anything can be done about her. I didn’t let it spoil my llama trek though and I had a really interesting and unusual time 🙂

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