I have no words….

I’m deeply shocked and saddened to have just read this in today’s local paper –
A GANG of youths are believed to have shot and killed a swan at a Bolton canal. The RSPCA and police are investigating the incident, which is said to have taken place on Tuesday afternoon in Little Lever.
Kayleigh Taylor arrived at the scene at around 2.30pm and talked to an eyewitness who had seen the group shoot the bird. Miss Taylor, aged 20, said: “I spoke to a man who had seen a group of youths shoot the swan for fun at 2pm then walk off. They were aged between 16 and 18. “Hopefully someone will know the vile group.”
She added that she had been left ‘devastated’ and said that the male swan and its partner, which was sitting on a nest, had lived on the canal for at least 15 years. Swans mate for life and Miss Taylor said the female has been left ‘very distressed’.
Little Lever swan
Photo taken from local news online
Miss Taylor, from Radcliffe, said: “The people who did this haven’t just killed one swan, they have potentially wiped out an entire family as it will be extremely difficult for the female to hatch her clutch of eggs alone.” She urged people to be extra vigilant along the canal and report anybody carrying guns or acting suspiciously.
Miss Taylor said the eyewitness believed the bird was shot with an air rifle.
The RSPCA confirmed that it was called to the incident. A spokesman said: “A woman contacted us on Tuesday afternoon to report the death of a swan in Little Lever. We understand the swan was shot and we will be looking into this incident further. “We would be really concerned if this beautiful bird had been killed deliberately and would like to remind members of the public that it is an offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act and, if prosecuted, offenders can face a fine of up to £5,000 and/or six months imprisonment.”
A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said that they were called on Tuesday afternoon to reports of youths shouting. Around 10 youths aged between 16 and 18 had gathered around the banks of the canal and when police arrived they discovered the dead swan.
None of the youths were still in the area when police arrived.
I’ve seen this pair of swans myself several times over the last few years when I’ve been walking the dogs along the canal, in fact I got a lovely photo of the two of them while on my New Year walk in early January this year. Without writing something totally unladylike and unprintable there are no words to describe what I think of the callous low-life(s) who did this. Instead I can only cry – cry for the dead swan, cry for his mate, and cry for the possible loss of any potential young ones. Sometimes people can be so cruel.

10 thoughts on “I have no words….

  1. Thank you for bringing this to peoples’ notice. We should all be aware and report immediately suspicious idiotic behaviour. We lost our long term swans from our village pool some years ago in similar fashion. We have not had any swans return since. So sad.


  2. I’m sickened, I hate, hate, hate cruelty to animals. What is wrong with these mindless thugs. I have tears in my eyes for those beautiful birds, as you say those scumbags have destroyed that beautiful swan family.


    1. People like this obviously only want their few minutes of ‘fun’ and don’t think about the far-reaching consequences resulting from their actions. I just hope the female swan will be okay on her own and will manage to hatch at least some of her eggs.


  3. How terrible. It beggars belief the things people do for ‘fun.’ Swans play a huge part in my life and I hate the thought of anyone hurting one. Hopefully karma will get those who did this.


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