Is it me, or is this stupid?

As I was coming home from work this morning I was overtaken by this vehicle; there was nothing remarkable about the vehicle itself but what did attract my attention were the two big dogs in the back. They both had harnesses on and were obviously fastened in somehow, but it struck me that transporting dogs in this way is a pretty stupid thing to do. I dread to think what would happen if the vehicle were to be involved in an accident – if it was, those dogs wouldn’t have much of a chance, they would either be seriously injured or even killed.
Local area 2017 265
I don’t know who the driver was or where he was going, but I very much suspect that he often transports his dogs like that. Convenience, unthinking ignorance or just plain stupidity? I don’t know, but for the dogs’ sake I just hope he never is involved in any kind of accident – the possible outcome really doesn’t bear thinking about.

6 thoughts on “Is it me, or is this stupid?

  1. Ignorance and stupidity. Those dogs have absolutely no protection from any debris which might be flicked up off the road, no eye protection from grit, and as you said if there was an accident they would have no chance.

    As you clearly have the registration number I’d send this to both the police and the RSPCA, although my experience of the latter is that they are less than useless these days.


  2. I’m glad you agree with me Jayne.

    I’m not familiar with the vehicle, it was heading north on the A675 which goes through Belmont village towards Preston so it could have been going anywhere, though if it is local to me I probably haven’t noticed it before if it’s not had the dogs in the back.

    I worry for the safety of my own dogs if I were to be in an accident, and they are fairly well protected in my van, so God knows what would happen to those two travelling in an open-back vehicle. I may just pass this on to the RSPCA but I’m afraid my opinion of them is very much the same as yours for many reasons 😦


  3. I think you may find it’s common practice in the ‘farming community’. Just not normal on a main road, but off-road or on quiet tracks I think that would be considered normal. OF COURSE I have never done it myself with my own dogs, I’m just trying to put the opposing point of view for the sake of balance (sorry)


  4. Maybe in the farming community it is considered normal to transport dogs like that on private land or quiet tracks but this was on a busy main road and the vehicle looked too new and too clean to be off a farm – and I don’t think they are the sort of dogs to be farm dogs anyway. Fingers crossed they never come to any harm.


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