Back from the bank holiday weekend

I arrived back yesterday afternoon from the bank holiday weekend spent at Felin Uchaf, the quiet little camp site I went to at Easter, and though I wish I could say it had been a great weekend I can’t, as yet again the great British weather destroyed most of my plans. After days of hot sunshine and blue skies right up to last Friday the long weekend was, for me at least, a mixture of light drizzle, torrential rain, mist and grey skies, with the sun finally putting in a short appearance late on Sunday afternoon. I still managed to get out and about with the camera but not to where I really wanted to go, and several of the photos I took on Monday were ruined by raindrops on the camera lens even though I was sheltering under an umbrella. Needless to say, now I’m back at work the weather today has been absolutely glorious!
I took just 68 shots over the three days – that number would have been a lot more in good weather – and nine of those were totally ruined by the rain. My ‘tigermousetales’ blog will soon be updated with a full account of the weekend and the best of the rest will find their way onto there, however here’s a few smaller versions as an example.
Copy of Felin Uchaf - May 2017 020
View over the lake at Bala
Copy of Felin Uchaf - May 2017 030
A brief bit of sunshine
Copy of Felin Uchaf - May 2017 068
The Llangollen canal
Copy of Felin Uchaf - May 2017 063
An amusing canal-side sign
Copy of Felin Uchaf - May 2017 036
A misty view at Chirk castle gardens
Copy of Felin Uchaf - May 2017 042
Copy of Felin Uchaf - May 2017 044



8 thoughts on “Back from the bank holiday weekend

  1. I don’t know why the weather is always rotten for the Bank Holidays! The castle gardens are looking lovely for all the rain, the grass looks very lush. I like the beware of the ducks at play sign 🙂


    1. The castle gardens would be well worth a visit at this time of year, especially in mid to late May when all the rhododendrons and azaleas are in bloom – the place is a riot of colour and would look even better on a sunny day. I don’t know if you and hubby are NT members but if you’ve never been there I can recommend it as the inside of the castle itself is fascinating. The castle is a good walk up a steep lane from the car park but there’s a courtesy bus which runs up and down between there and the castle entrance.

      The ‘ducks at play’ sign really amused me so I just had to take a photo of it. I was parked right at the side of the canal – any closer and I would have been in it! – and when I was leaving I had to shout to a guy who was reversing his car to stop him from squashing one of the ducks as there was a family of them wandering about right behind him.


  2. I suppose that’s what to expect with this country’s weather, it’s just not consistent at all. I wouldn’t mind too much if all I did was sit in the tent every day but it really bugs me when I want to go somewhere specifically to explore and take photos. At least it was dry when I took the tent down so that was a bonus 🙂


  3. We were much luckier – a bit of drizzle Saturday and Monday, but Sunday was glorious. I got burnt because I wasn’t expecting it (forecast was cloudy) and didn’t put sunscreen on till too late.


  4. I hope your sunburn has calmed down a bit by now. This country’s weather really frustrates me sometimes, all last week when I was working it was glorious but come Saturday it was dull and grey. Now this week it’s back to sunshine and blue sky again now I’m back at work – sometimes I feel like I just can’t win! 🙂


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