Sophie at the vet’s

This morning I took Sophie to the vet’s for a problem she’s had before, and after an examination and discussion she’s been booked in for a little operation next Tuesday.
Almost five years ago she developed a small hard lump under the skin on her right front leg; it started off as a tiny spot and stayed like that for ages then it grew into a lump as big as my middle fingernail, although it wasn’t giving her any pain. The vet wasn’t sure if it could be cancerous or not so after it was removed it was sent off for analysis. The result came back clear, it wasn’t cancer, and Sophie has been a happy and healthy little dog ever since.
The vet did tell me at the time the official name for the lump, a long name which now escapes me, and he also said that there was an 80% chance that it could come back again, though if it did it would be in the same place. That’s now proved to be correct as she’s recently developed another lump of the same kind under the skin on the same leg, though a bit higher up than before. The vet I’ve just seen – a different one this time – asked if I want the thing sent away to be analysed but I don’t see the point as I already know what it is, so she’s having a straightforward op to remove it next Tuesday and other than having any stitches taken out at a later date that should be the end of it.
Sophie had just turned five years old when she got the first lump, she will be ten in September this year, so it looks like this may be something which re-occurs roughly every five years – I can live with that as she’s such a healthy little dog otherwise. Poppie made me smile when we got back home though – as soon as I let Sophie into the living room Poppie was all over her, sniffing her like mad and inspecting her as if to say “Where the heck have you been?!”
The time spent in the vet’s wasn’t without its moments either. Both dogs had been out in the garden for quite a while before I took Sophie down there, but while I was busy booking in with the receptionist Sophie wee’d on the floor. It was easily mopped up, but as if that wasn’t bad enough I’d only just sat down when she did a poo right in the middle of the waiting area! I suppose the staff are used to dogs having accidents but right then I just wanted a hole to open up in the floor and swallow the pair of us!

8 thoughts on “Sophie at the vet’s

  1. Dogs always know how to embarras you don’t they. My labrador Hugo gulped down a plastic bag of treats that a lady dropped whilst greeting us.The bag and everything. He was so quick we barely saw it happen. He also ran a mock in some picnicers once and stole a scotch egg. Hope Sophie will be ok.Sounds like she will be. X


  2. Sophie showing her indignation at being taken to the vets 🙂 Our surgery has a dispenser containing poo bags attached to the waiting room wall, so that must happen more often than you think. I hope Sophie will be OK and I’ll be sending some healing thoughts her way on Tuesday.


  3. Thank you Eileen.

    Luckily I had some poo bags with me, in fact I think just about every pocket of everything I wear has at least one poo bag in it so ‘accidents’ are easily dealt with 🙂


  4. That’s only the second time she’s been to the vet’s, the first time was when she had the first lump removed. She didn’t seem to be nervous, in fact she was more curious about all the other dogs that came and went, and her tail was wagging all the time. It’s a straightforward enough procedure so I’m sure she’ll be fine.


  5. I think Sophie was trying to tell you all something! All the best for next week, if you’re anything like us it will be clock-watching every minute until you can get her home!


  6. I’ll have plenty of work to keep me occupied until I can bring her home, if anything it’ll be Poppie who makes a fuss. She whinged when I took Sophie out without her the other day, and I wasn’t out very long. It’s a good thing dogs can’t tell the time, she’d be looking at the clock every five minutes next week 🙂


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