Sophie at the vet’s – an update

An updated report on Sophie to say that everything went well at the vet’s yesterday and other than the stitches in her leg she’s absolutely fine. She was taken in at 9am so I could collect her about 2pm but the receptionist rang me at lunchtime to say that they’d had to deal with an emergency so Sophie hadn’t yet had her operation, however another phone call mid afternoon informed me that the op had just been done and I could collect her after 6pm. She was still a bit dopey when she came out of the vet’s but she perked up a bit once I got her home and she was back with Poppie. She has come home with some medication which she has to have once a day with her food and she has to go back next Monday for a check up and to make a date for her stitches to be taken out about ten days from now.
Of course Sophie now has the statutory ‘lampshade’ collar on and I’ve put her in a little pink t-shirt as the sleeve covers her stitches and should prevent Poppie from licking them. The t-shirt has a crown design on the back and says VIP – Very Important Pooch – I got two each for both her and Poppie when I went to the last animal sanctuary open day. The vet who did the op said ‘strictly no running and jumping about’ but try telling that to Sophie – as soon as I pick up the lead to take her out she’s bouncing around like she’s on a trampoline.
Copy of Sophie and Poppie 2017 002
Just out of the vet’s
Copy of Sophie and Poppie 2017 003
Back home, still a bit dopey
Sophie and Poppie 2017 004
Hopefully Sophie will have the stitches taken out in time for our weekend away the first weekend in July, then the week after that we’ll be away for ten days, probably somewhere by the sea, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good weather then she and Poppie can enjoy lots of beach walks.

10 thoughts on “Sophie at the vet’s – an update

  1. I don’t foresee any problems so I’m sure she’ll be fine for our holiday. She may look cute in her lampshade and she isn’t bothered by it at all but when I took her out last night she was crashing into everything, including my legs, so I had to take it off while I took her out today 🙂


    1. Sophie is completely back to normal now and other than the stitches you wouldn’t know there was ever anything wrong. The t-shirt is rather cute and she looks cute in it 🙂

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  2. Aww Sophie is being a pawfect patient 🙂 She looks so cute in her VIP T-shirt and hopefully she won’t need her lampshade for the duration. Get better in time for your holidays Sophie.


  3. Sophie certainly does look cute in her t-shirt 🙂 I know the sleeve covers the stitches but I’m not taking any unnecessary risks so apart from when we go for a walk the lampshade stays on until the vet tells me otherwise 🙂


  4. Sorry I am late checking up on Sophie, have visitors staying and little quiet time online :(. So glad everything went well, she certainly doesn’t look too sad.


  5. She’s always been a very happy little dog Jayne, and she isn’t bothered at all by the ‘lampshade’ and stitches. She’s just been to the vet’s for a check up, everything is ok up to now so all being well her stitches should come out on Friday 🙂


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