Off on my travels again

Tomorrow morning (Monday) I’ll finally be leaving for my usual summer camping holiday on Anglesey. I should really have gone early yesterday morning but a very mentally taxing couple of days where I felt like my brain was going to explode and shower the whole area with mush has meant that my trip has been somewhat delayed. The van is all packed up – in fact it was never unpacked from last weekend, I’ve just added a few more things to what was already in there – so all I have to do now is put my personal stuff in and I’m away.
To be honest, just at the moment I’m so tired I don’t really feel like going anywhere but I’ve been looking forward to this holiday and I need it so come hell or high water I’ll be on the road sometime tomorrow. I’ll be gone for eight days and I won’t have any internet access but when I get back I’ll write about the events of the last few days – and be warned, it’s a long story!

6 thoughts on “Off on my travels again

  1. As I type this reply it’s raining here after a lovely few days, which doesn’t inspire me at all – fingers crossed that Anglesey will be nice and sunny and I can have a relaxing break. Apologies for not replying to your last email – Sophie is absolutely fine, and as for Michael, well he’s part of the story to be told! 🙂 See you when I get back 🙂


  2. Hi Susie, I’m back now after a really good break away from home and work. The weather was a bit mixed but when it came nice it was exceptionally good and I’ve come home with quite a good suntan. Lots of photos to go on my other blog eventually, all I have to do is sort them out and decide which ones! 🙂


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