A successful car boot trip

For quite a while now the large eagle transfer/graphic thingy on the front of the van has been looking rather the worse for wear and in need of replacement. The original one, which was identical to this one, was put on in 2008 just after the van was purchased; it lasted five years and I replaced it, and the two smaller ones on the back of the van, with the current ones in May four years ago. I got both sets of graphics from a stall at a big car boot sale at St. Michael’s-on-Wyre a few miles from Garstang; previous and recent internet searches haven’t come up with anything like those and I really wanted the same again so today Michael and I had a drive out to the car boot sale.
Bearing in mind that I got the current graphics four years ago and I haven’t been to that car boot sale since, I didn’t even know if the same stall would still be there. If it wasn’t I would have to try and find the closest possible alternative from somewhere else, however halfway down the first row of stalls I found the one I was looking for – and out on display was a set of four identical eagles. I was more than happy to find just what I wanted after all this time and I was even happier to find that they were actually half the price I paid for the current ones four years ago – now that really did make my day.
Copy of eagle transfer and sparrows
The white round the edges is backing paper – they won’t look like that on the van
The set of eagles was the only thing I bought, though Michael bagged himself a couple of dvds for his collection and a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle of a map of Ireland showing all the different counties and some of the towns and cities. He loved doing jigsaw puzzles when he was a kid, and now he’s off work and semi laid-up at home (more of that in another post) tackling one should relieve the boredom for a while.
From the car boot sale I drove over to Lytham St. Annes and we had a late lunch in my favourite cafe there, then while Michael relaxed over a second mug of coffee I took the dogs for a short walk along the beach. I’d just got back to the van when it started to rain, so between us we decided not to bother going anywhere else and I just drove straight home, getting back at 4.30pm. Apart from the rain it had been an enjoyable day for both of us, made even better for me by finding the eagles I wanted – now all I have to do (on a warm dry day and when I’m in the mood) is get the old ones off the van and put the new ones on. These things can be quite tricky to deal with, especially the big one, so if at some point you see a blue cloud on the horizon you’ll know what I’m doing!

6 thoughts on “A successful car boot trip

  1. You were very lucky to find the same after all this time. As soon as there is a fine sunny day get them done while you can, it’s raining hard here, this summer is turning out to be a real washout!


  2. It’s raining hard here too, in fact as I type this it’s raining too hard to take the dogs out 😦 For a few years now I’ve noticed that it’s usually nice in May, June and early July, then the rain always arrives when it’s the long school holidays. Come early September, when the kids are back at school and I’ll probably be taking my usual holiday in Norfolk, it’ll be wall-to-wall sunshine and blue sky πŸ™‚


  3. The very first one I did went on with no problems but the one that’s on now was a nightmare. It ended up with a partial tear across the middle but I managed to sort it out and it wasn’t noticeable, however time and hot sunshine have meant that it’s started to come apart and wrinkle up where the tear was so it really does need replacing. I’ve also got a new tribal design to put on the side door – that’s been ‘in the planning’ for twelve months! πŸ™‚


  4. It was! I really didn’t think the stall would be there after so long, so to find that it was and to get the exact thing I wanted really made my day πŸ™‚


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