Never put the tile grout near the soap powder

It’s not often that anyone is in when I go to clean the boss’s house but today he and his partner were both there. She was in the process of loading the washing machine and he was just about to go out, and as he got to the door he jokingly said to her “Get the right packet this time”. I had no idea what he was talking about but after he’d gone she enlightened me.
The cupboard next to the washing machine is where all the laundry and dish washing items are kept and last weekend, seeing what she thought was a new brand of soap powder, she tipped some into the drawer of the washing machine. It was only after she’d done it that she thoughtΒ it looked rather strange for soap powder, and when she looked at the packet properly she realised it was white tile grout. Luckily she hadn’t started the machine so she scooped out as much powder as she could, took all the washing out and ran the machine on an empty cycle to get rid of the residue from the drawer. She had been teased about it a couple of times over the last few days but when she showed me the packet I had to agree that with the name, the colours, and no actual wording saying ‘TILE GROUT’ it did look like it could be soap powder.
It was an easy mistake to make though lucky that she realised what it was before she started the washing machine otherwise the clothes could have ended up a total mess. But then it wouldn’t really have been her fault – only a man could put tile grout in the laundry cupboard!

10 thoughts on “Never put the tile grout near the soap powder

  1. I’d never have guessed that was a pack of tile grout looking at it, so an easy mistake to make. It would probably have wrecked the washing machine too had she not realised in time. What a silly place to put it anyway, totally HIS fault πŸ™‚


  2. The whole machine would probably have seized up! I would not recognise that packet as tile grout either – though as I do all the shopping I would have been suspicious of any unexplained packets suddenly appearing. I recently did a white wash, which is usually just my underwear, so I didn’t notice John had put a white shirt in it, complete with pen in the pocket! The shirt was a write off, as was half my underwear. That’s been my worst laundry disaster so far. At least since the incident of something red getting mixed in with the whites.


  3. I think my worst laundry disaster happened many many years ago, I washed one of Michael’s dad’s woollen cardigans in too-hot water and it shrunk so much it was almost small enough to fit Michael – he was only about 5 at the time! πŸ™‚

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