Something new and interesting

Thanks to reading Sharon’s blog over breakfast last Sunday morning I’ve recently discovered Postcrossing. I’d never heard of it before and it sounded so intriguing I checked out the website, and what I found interested me so much that I joined immediately. Basically it’s a way of sending and receiving postcards to and from different people all over the world – you create an account and profile, request to send a postcard and get a random name and address of someone somewhere else in the world. You send them a postcard, they register it on the website once they’ve got it and you then become eligible to receive a postcard from a random member somewhere else – and the more cards you send out the more you get back.
After reading through the website a couple of times I couldn’t wait to get started so while I was in Southport later that day I picked up half a dozen cards from a newsagent’s near the promenade, then when I got home I logged onto the website and requested to send four cards. You are only allowed to have a certain number ‘travelling’ in the system at any one time so I thought four was enough to start off with and I wrote them that night – to Galway in Ireland, New York, Germany and Moscow – then posted them on Monday morning.
Southport - Oct. 2017 001
Tonight, just about an hour ago, I got an email from the Postcrossing website to say that my card to Ireland had been received and registered today, having travelled 273 miles, and the lady in question had even sent me a nice little message. It will obviously take a while longer for the other three people to get theirs but now I know the first one has been received I’m really looking forward to eventually getting some back – and not knowing who or where they’ll come from means I’ll have some nice surprises dropping through my letterbox before long.

9 thoughts on “Something new and interesting

    1. Years back in the late 70s/early 80s I had lots of penfriends, it was great getting letters from them and almost every day there was something nice on the doormat for me. Unfortunately as I got busier with work I had less time for writing so the whole thing gradually dwindled to nothing – I like this postcard thing as writing one doesn’t take up too much time, and to get a pretty postcard back will be much nicer than getting a plain envelope 🙂


        1. For a long while I’ve thought that in this technological age sending holiday postcards was a dying thing but Postcrossing is a whole new concept and I love the idea 🙂


  1. What an interesting thing to do, I can well imagine looking forward to getting postcards from all over the world. Have you noticed in these days of emails, instant messaging, bills paid online we get less and less mail through the letterbox now. You’ll have to get a little box to keep all your postcards in. You’ll be buying postcards from wherever you go on your travels now. Lovely thing to get involved with and look forward to.


  2. I don’t even get junk mail through my letterbox. I have two stickers on the door – ‘DON’T POST JUNK MAIL’ on the letterbox flap and ‘NO LEAFLETS OR FREE NEWSPAPERS’ just above it on the door itself, and they do seem to work as I very rarely get anything I don’t want. Mind you, I don’t want bills either but I still get those! 😦

    I haven’t actually had a postcard from anyone for years – in fact the last one to come here was one I sent to Michael one year when he was here looking after the cats while I was away camping in Norfolk! – so it’ll be interesting to see what I eventually get and where they are from 🙂


  3. My warped sense of humour finds it hysterically funny that a website has been set up to enable people to do something terribly 20th century and old fashioned – write to each other!!! It will be interesting to see what you receive.


  4. I hadn’t thought of it like that but it is rather ironic in a way 🙂 I’ve just been looking at the website and (for example) it’s taken ten days for a card from Kansas City, USA to reach someone here in England so I don’t expect to receive anything yet for quite a while. I’ve absolutely no idea of where anything will come from so yes, it’ll be interesting to see what I eventually get 🙂


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