Another broken ankle update

Exactly four months after breaking his ankle Michael is still no nearer to getting it sorted out properly and he’s understandably getting really cheesed off with the whole situation. Back on September 1st he had an x-ray and got an appointment to see a specialist, Mr W, two weeks later ; he made another trip back to Ireland on the 6th, then while I was away camping in Norfolk he came back home on the 14th for his appointment the following day but that proved to be a total waste of time. He was kept waiting for forty minutes after his actual appointment time then when he finally did see someone it was the collar bone and shoulder specialist!
This guy prodded, poked and manipulated Michael’s ankle and asked if it hurt, to which he replied “Yes, it ****does!!” then he was told he would get a letter in two to three weeks time to see Mr W – which is what that day’s appointment was supposed to be for! Needless to say, he wasn’t very happy as there had been no real point in coming back from Ireland just to be told that, so on his way back from hospital he called at the bus station ticket office and booked himself on the ferry that same night – he rang me and said he’d got an open ticket so once he got a letter from the hospital he could come home in time for whenever the next appointment would be.
Unfortunately, even after four weeks there was still no letter for him from the hospital so rather than ring he decided to come back home and actually go there to find out what was going on. He arrived back here at 6.30am on the 13th of this month then after a couple of hours sleep he went up to the hospital, only to be told that they had no record of a further appointment for him! At this stage he (sort of quietly) hit the roof and was finally able to speak to Mr W’s secretary who immediately gave him the earliest appointment available which was for today.
That appointment was for 10am but it was 11.30 before he was seen and he was in for quite a while, during which his ankle was prodded and poked yet again but without the specialist coming to a firm conclusion. From there he had to go to physio where the guy there just gave him a few exercises to do at home to strengthen the new bone growth, and he now has to wait for yet another appointment to have a scan this time, when (hopefully) it will be decided whether or not he needs an operation. Needless to say he’s really fed up with the whole ongoing situation now and really needs a final decision to be made one way or the other as he wants to get back to work – his ankle is still very sore but even though he can now walk about without the boot the nature of his job means that he isn’t even allowed in the bakery so as much as he wants to go back to work he can’t.
However, he is  going back to Ireland on Friday night, with an open ticket so he can come home whenever he needs to, and I’ll be keeping an eye on the post for him, though he said he’s only going to leave it for a week before he rings the hospital, and he’ll keep ringing them until he gets that next appointment date. I really hope something gets sorted out for him soon as I’m just as fed up with the situation as he is – and though it’s nice to have him at home when he is  here I do miss my presents of free bread and teacakes!

6 thoughts on “Another broken ankle update

  1. There must have been something seriously amiss somewhere for him to be told there was no record of a further appointment ; it’s a good job he went up there and queried it when he did or he would probably still be waiting 😦


  2. Four months is too long for Michael to be waiting to get his ankle sorted. I second what Jayne says, it’s the administration side that is under pressure and patients are suffering I really hope he gets that scan done soon.


  3. Well obviously neither of us are experts and we could be wrong but we are both convinced that if it had been put in plaster when he first broke it then it would have healed properly and he would have been okay long before now. Ironically, as we were sitting in the waiting area a lady I know came through in a wheelchair with her foot and leg in plaster, she’d broken her ankle early in the morning as she’d gone down the garden steps – so she gets hers plastered straight away but Michael didn’t? That just doesn’t seem logical to me 😦


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