My first postcard

Less than two weeks after joining Postcrossing and sending out my first four postcards I’ve just received my first one back. It’s from a semi-retired man in Germany who wrote me a nice message in which he says he likes travelling and walking or cycling by the sea or along rivers.
Postcards 001
Last Saturday I spent well over an hour looking round the town centre for postcards of my local area but couldn’t find a single one – every place which would logically have had them doesn’t seem to sell them now and even the one shop where I would have been guaranteed to get some didn’t have any in stock. So I turned to the internet and was lucky enough to find some unused English postcards for a very good price so I sent for 100. They arrived on Thursday and yesterday I sent out cards to France, Japan, Italy and Finland – I was really pleased when I got the Italy address as it’s a lovely town on the Ligurian coast which I visited several years ago.
While I’ve been typing this I’ve just had an email from Postcrossing to say that someone (not the recipient) has ‘favourited’ one of the Southport cards I sent out and which has been uploaded to the gallery – it’s nice to know that someone likes it as I do think it’s quite an attractive card. I think this Postcrossing thing is getting more interesting by the day and I can’t wait to see where my next card will come from.


4 thoughts on “My first postcard

  1. You should give it a go Susie, there’s a lot of people from your country doing it. I got my second card yesterday from a guy in London, it features the iconic red telephone booth which is rearely seen in this country now.


  2. I’m glad you managed to find a job lot of postcards, that was a good idea. We tried to find some to send to family a couple of years ago when we were staying in Ellesmere in Shropshire, mission impossible. This is an interesting pastime for you.


  3. I’ve actually got another job lot of cards since I wrote this post. I found a guy selling what sounds like bankrupt stock he’d bought from someone else and didn’t realise how many thousands there were – he’s selling them in random lots of 1,000 at an extremely good price but I don’t need that many so I emailed him to ask if I could have just 500. He replied straight away that it was no problem and I received a box full of them yesterday – several bundles of 50, all new and showing lovely views of places in Cornwall. That should keep me going for a few years!

    I’ve received another two cards since I wrote this and I got an email from Postcrossing this morning to say that my card to Japan has arrived. This afternoon I sent out another three, to Germany, USA and Taiwan, and I’ve received one from a lady in Massachusetts – this hobby is getting really interesting now 🙂


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