A grey day in Roscrea

December 2nd, the morning of the memorial mass for Michael’s dad and uncle Jimmy, arrived cloudy and grey and with a touch of rain in the air. The service was at 10am so Nellie said she would just do coffee and toast for breakfast then do a fry-up when we got back from church, which sounded like a good plan. The service itself wasn’t exactly what I was expecting – well, to be honest, not being particularly knowledgeable about the Catholic faith I hadn’t really known what  to expect, and neither had Michael, but even so it was a nice way of remembering his dad and Jimmy. Afterwards Michael and I went up to the grave and spent a few minutes there then we went back to the house for the fry-up Nellie had promised us, and it didn’t disappoint either.
The rain in the air hadn’t materialised into anything major but it was still too dull to go anywhere proper so after lunch I took the camera and went for a wander round town and to find Roscrea’s own Round Tower which was situated near the Tesco supermarket. Dating from the early 12th century the tower was originally 80ft tall but the top floor was demolished in 1798 after an insurgent sniper used it’s prime position to fire at sentries in the nearby barracks ; it now stands at just 60ft tall and with its flat top it looks nowhere near as impressive as the one at Kildare.
Copy of Ireland - dec 2017 042
Roscrea Round Tower and museum
While I was round that way I went for a mooch round Tesco and the nearby Dunne’s store then from there I went back to St. Cronan’s church to photograph some of the stained glass windows which I didn’t get shots of last year. Unfortunately though a funeral was taking place so I couldn’t go in ; instead I just wandered round and took a couple of shots of the nearby river before making my way back to the house.
Copy of Ireland - dec 2017 044
Bunnow river and Glebe Park
Copy of Ireland - dec 2017 052
The river running through the church grounds
With Michael off out with some friends my evening was spent reading my book, watching a bit of tv and playing with Trixie, but when the time came to go to bed I encountered a bit of a problem. Nellie had gone up quite a while before me and was well into the land of nod but instead of being on her own side of the bed she had moved into the middle and had her head almost on my pillow, meaning there wasn’t much room for me. I didn’t want to disturb her though so I got in gingerly and spent a very uncomfortable and sleep-deprived night right on the edge of the mattress. This bed sharing lark was all very well but I certainly wouldn’t want to do it too often!

2 thoughts on “A grey day in Roscrea

  1. You and Michal being at the service was a nice remembrance on the first anniversary of their passing.
    I have to say the tower does look odd with it’s flat top.
    I expect Nellie has got used to not sharing her bed, it’s a shame that you weren’t left much room.


  2. If I’d thought about it at the time I should have got up again and gone to sleep on the settee but I kept hoping I would eventually get a bit more room. Maybe I should have a t-shirt with ‘I survived the bed share’ printed on it 🙂 It was only that one night though, the following night was fine.


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