Yet another broken ankle update

Following a CT scan and an MRI scan on Michael’s ankle almost a month ago he’s heard nothing from the hospital since. On Wednesday he had a physio appointment with the first physiotherapist he saw, and again the guy was puzzled as to why he was there as he’s had no treatment on his ankle so far. The results of the scans etc are showing that he has a ‘floating bone’ in that one side of the ankle has healed but the other hasn’t and, in the words of the physiotherapist, “needs to be pinned”. It seems that the only reason he can walk about on it without support is that the ‘good’ side is compensating for the bad side, but it’s obvious things aren’t right as not only is he still in a certain degree of pain but the whole ankle is completely out of shape and looks a bit like a dog’s back leg.
Yesterday, while cleaning at the boss’s house, I was talking to his partner who is a doctor – actually a consultant paediatric cardiologist – and I said I was seriously thinking about taking legal advice regarding the situation of Michael’s ankle and what we consider to be the lack of proper treatment, and she told me the first steps to take in making a complaint direct to the hospital before going down any legal route. First he needed to get a leaflet and a form from the hospital reception so as soon as I’d finished my work I collected him from home and took him up there.
I waited in the van while he went to get the form but he was quite a while and when he came back – minus the form – he said that as soon as he’d told the receptionist that he wanted the form to make a complaint another woman took him into a side office, took his name and got all his details up on her pc. It seemed that for some reason the scan results weren’t showing on his file so she said to leave it with her and she would try to find out what was happening – and less than two hours later – surprise, surprise! – Michael got a phone call with an appointment to see the specialist on January 3rd! Seems to me like they don’t want the hassle of an official complaint!
In just over a week’s time it will be six months since Michael first broke his ankle and he’s still no further forward. He’s still off work too so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that this next appointment will finally see some proper action being taken to sort it out once and for all – and if it doesn’t then I will  be taking things further. And I may not turn green like the Incredible Hulk but they won’t like me when I’m angry!

9 thoughts on “Yet another broken ankle update

  1. I know the NHS is stretched but this whole situation has gone beyond a joke now. Even the HR woman where he works is getting annoyed on his behalf – he wants to get back to work and they want him to go back but because of good old ‘health and safety’ rules he’s not allowed to. I just hope something does come of this next appointment in the New Year.


  2. This is beyond belief that they haven’t followed up after his scans. You have done the right thing in looking to make a formal complaint, As you know I made a complaint to our solicitors and what a result that achieved, it definitely put a rocket up them. I hope the consultant arranges for Michael’s ankle to be fixed as a matter of urgency. Don’t let him languish on yet another waiting list Eunice because unfortunately that can and does happen.


  3. To be honest I’m a bit annoyed that someone grabbed him before he got the chance to put a complaint in writing but at least he’s got a new appointment. He wants to see that through first and if he gets a definite date for further treatment then fair enough but if not then a formal complaint will most certainly be going in.


  4. I don’t want to push the boundaries too much if there’s a chance things can start being put right at this next appointment, but if there’s no joy then the sparks will start flying!


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