The return of the sparrows

Last spring I was delighted to find that a family of sparrows was using the outside window sill, less than 3ft from where I sit when using my pc, as a regular perch, and my times spent on computer-related activities were often accompanied by various flutterings, tweets, chirps and squabbles coming from outside. More than once I tried to snatch a photo of some of them but the minute they saw me close to the window they would take off into the trees down the garden so I never managed to catch them at close quarters.
The sparrows stayed around all through spring and summer and probably into September, and though I didn’t really notice exactly when they disappeared the realisation dawned on me one day that although there was plenty of activity in the trees they hadn’t perched on the window sill for quite a while. It’s been quiet ever since but this afternoon while I was checking my emails I heard the familiar chirps and flutterings and looked out to see three sparrows just the other side of the glass. The same family or different ones? I don’t know, but if they want to take up residence on the window sill that’s fine by me. I did try to take some photos of them but again they took off, though I did manage to get a few through-the-window shots of them in the trees down in the garden.
Local area 2018 017
Local area 2018 014
Local area 2018 015
Local area 2018 012
Local area 2018 013
Local area 2018 016
After the bitter cold of last week the snow finally disappeared over the weekend and today has been quite mild in comparison to recent temperatures so I’d like to think that the return of the sparrows means that spring is finally on its way. They are cute little creatures and it’s lovely having them just a couple of feet away so I do hope they stick around for a while.

10 thoughts on “The return of the sparrows

    1. To be honest I wouldn’t know a male from a female, they all look the same to me but nevertheless I do think they are cute and it’s nice to have them around 🙂


  1. That’s delightful having the sparrows sit on your windowsill, they definitely don’t like being disturbed. I’m glad you were able to take a few photos of them in the trees. I hope Spring is almost here after that very late, bitterly cold winter weather we’ve just endured. Although I have a couple of bird feeders in the trees in my garden, I’m going to see about buying a bird table so I can put out more scraps of food for the little birds. I would imagine your cat sees them off in your garden or is she a house cat?


  2. All three of my cats are house cats but Mouse is the ‘special’ one who lives on the landing. When the birds were flying about yesterday she was up on the landing window ledge trying to catch them through the glass 🙂 I’m still hoping to get a shot of at least one of them on the outside window sill, if I can’t it won’t be for the want of trying 🙂


  3. What darling little birds they are. We have a few, but nothing like the flocks I remember when I was younger.

    Do you have a tripod you can set up to improve your chances of Mouse watching through the window?


  4. I don’t have a tripod but it shouldn’t be too difficult to snap Mouse watching the birds – if she’s really engrossed in something she doesn’t take much notice of me 🙂


  5. You took some nice shots of the sparrows. Maybe once they get used to your movement, they’ll let you take photos of them on the still. I love it when birds decide to make a temporary home in the front or back yards. I don’t know, maybe I’ll start putting out birdseed again for the small guys that pass through.


  6. I’ve never really put seed out for the birds as at one time I had so many cats they would have decimated the bird population, but now I only have three indoor cats I suppose I could put something out on the shed roof for my local feathered friends 🙂


  7. Thanks Jo. There are always birds in the trees at the end of the garden but to have these little things right outside the window is a bonus 🙂


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