Scavenger photo hunt – March

The six prompts for this month’s photo hunt are – hole, making, reading now, black and white, starts with ‘H’ and my own choice. My first thought for ‘hole’ was a hole in the road as there’s one not far from here, but while I was flicking through the tv channels one night recently I caught the back end of a food programme in which they were showing how Warburtons get the holes in their crumpets – and as Michael works at Warburtons I couldn’t think of anything better for my photo.
Monthly photo challenge 015
Hole – a Warburtons crumpet with lots of them
The next one isn’t so much ‘making’ as ‘putting together’. In the five-and-a-half months since taking up Postcrossing as a hobby I’ve amassed nearly forty postcards so far and the problem of what to do with them. I didn’t want to just put them in a box where they probably wouldn’t see light of day for ages so I got a large A4 file and some see-through plastic pockets, and matching the cards into themes I’m putting them into the pockets so the fronts and the backs can all be seen. Also I’ve printed out and included in the file the details of people I’ve sent cards to and their ‘thank you’ messages when they’ve received them – I think it’s nice to look back and see who I’ve corresponded with.
Monthly photo challenge 016
Making – my postcard file
My current book of choice, A Play On Words, which is one I’m re-reading, is the penultimate one in the series of seven by Deric Longden, author of  Enough To Make A Cat Laugh.  It’s a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Lost For Words, the tv film based on his book of the same name and the second in the series, and while a lot of the story describes the daily goings-on around the film set the chaos of the author’s private life with his almost-blind wife and assortment of cats continues to provide much amusement.
After previously reading Lost For Words, which concentrates on the author’s mother and her decline into ill health, I had formed my own picture of her in my mind and when I read A Play On Words the first time round I knew that the choice of Dame Thora Hird to play the part of the author’s mother in the film couldn’t have been a better one. This book interested me so much that I bought the dvd of the film – and being almost at the end of the story for the second time I’ve now been prompted to watch the film again.
Monthly photo challenge 017
Reading now
While camping in North Wales last Easter I visited Chirk Castle and gardens; the National Trust operates a one-way system along the approach road to the castle and through the estate, and what was once the entrance is now the exit with some very ornate white gates and railings. Set back to one side just inside the gates is the old gatekeeper’s lodge, a single storey half-timbered black-and-white building with a red tiled roof. Built in 1888 and set in its own pretty little garden it’s very symmetrical in design with a central arcaded porch and a bay window at either side; I love old black-and-white buildings and this one looked so nice I just had to take a couple of photos of it.
Copy of Easter, Felin Uchaf, 2017 139
Black and white
For the next category I momentarily thought that what I’d chosen for ‘hole’ would also do for ‘H’ but then decided that would be cheating so I searched the photo archives and came up with a shot of Rusty, my previous adopted horse. Rusty arrived at Redwings sanctuary in Norfolk in 1983 at the age of eighteen months and I adopted him not long afterwards. He was a very handsome horse and I visited him every year while on holiday in that area but sadly in early 2015 he became ill and died at the age of almost 34. I have another adopted pony now, Cauli, but I’ll never forget Rusty.
California - Sept. 2013 014
Starts with ‘H’ – my adopted horse Rusty
And finally, I couldn’t end this month’s photo hunt without an animal shot, and as most of us have recently suffered from some snowy weather I thought I would include this shot of my little dog Sugar, taken a few years ago while playing in the snow in the fields near home. Sadly she is no longer with me but she will never be forgotten and the memories of a special little dog will live on in the many photos I have of her.
Sophie & Sugar, Christmas 09 005
My own choice – Sugar
So those are my choices for this month’s photo hunt, I hope you all like them –  I’m off over to Kate’s blog now to see what other photo hunters have found.

9 thoughts on “Scavenger photo hunt – March

  1. To be honest I never thought about a black and white photo as in these days of colour they just don’t figure in my world unless they are old ones from the pre-colour days – and a colour shot turned into black and white via and editing programme just looks so wrong to me. I love black and white buildings though and that shot hadn’t been used in my blog before so it was an obvious choice 🙂


  2. Very good choices for the hunt. Martyn loves crumpets and funnily enough he likes the giant ones that Warburtons make now but there’s only two in a pack 🙂 That’s a good way to organise your postcards. Rusty was a handsome horse and little Sugar is adorable there in the snow. Happy Easter to you Eunice.


  3. And to you to Eileen. You’ve just caught me before I head off for the weekend, hopefully will be back next Tuesday. The giant crumpets are exactly the same mix as the normal ones but bigger so there should be no difference in taste, although the big ones will probably fill you up faster 🙂 My friend’s little dog loves Warburton’s crumpets, give him any other make and he won’t eat them 🙂


  4. Lovely images, clever use of the crumpet for hole – made me smile 🙂 Another lovely dog photo for my choice, we must be a load of dog lovers as they featured a lot this month. Don’t forget to link up on the link up page so others can come and find you too xx


    1. Glad you like the crumpet and the dog photo 🙂 I’ve previously included Sophie and Poppie in the photo hunt so I just had to include little Sugar as that’s one of the best shots I have of her 🙂


  5. Its lovely to keep photos isn’t it. I have far to many photo albums now but I can’t help myself. I had to buy some albums for my postcards too. Photos and postcards ~ I almost need a whole new room for them! X


  6. I’ve just arrived back from my camping weekend to find another five lovely postcards behind the door – I really love this Postcrossing hobby 🙂 As for photos I’ve got dozens of albums going back to the early 70s so I’m a bit like you, I need another room! 🙂


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