A Christmas ‘must see’ in Portugal

I recently read this post from Becky in Portugal, and although I’m not particularly religious I thought this display was so amazingly lovely I just had to reblog it for Christmas – it must have taken days to put the whole thing together. Click on the links to see more of Becky’s photos of this beautiful display.

It caught my eye in Portugal

It was a lovely blogging friend who encouraged me to share this third post on the Presépio Gigante in the Centro Cultural António Alexio in Vila Real de Santo António. And I am so glad he did as it even ‘grander’ this year!

NazarethThree years ago there were just over 4000 figurines, now there are more than 5000. And it is not just figurines which are added every year to the Presépio Gigante, they also add new buildings. It is quite an extraordinary creation.

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9 thoughts on “A Christmas ‘must see’ in Portugal

      1. It looks so special I just had to reblog it 🙂 I wish I could see it but I’m pet sitting some cats plus I have Sophie to think about (and a much depleted bank account!) so it’s out of the question. Maybe some time in the future I’ll get there though 🙂


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