A watched pot never boils….

Or in my case, a watched dishwasher doesn’t do anything.
To put you in the picture, at my evening job it’s usual for one of the girls on reception to put the dishwasher on late in the afternoon then switch it off again before leaving work at 5pm, so all I have to do later is remove the clean pots and put them away, which up to now has never been a problem. However, when I got to work this evening the boss’s secretary told me that one of the girls was on a day off and the other had gone home early as she wasn’t well, so as the secretary herself had put the dishwasher on late and it was still running I needed to make sure it was switched off before I left for the evening.
I got all my usual work done and left the kitchen till last but when I went in there the light on the dishwasher said it was still in drying mode ; I could hear a faint humming sound so while I was waiting for the machine to finish whatever it was doing I wiped over the work surfaces and draining board, but even after I’d done that the ‘drying’ light was still on. Now there’s a notice on the front of the dishwasher in capital letters, DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR WHILE DISHWASHER IS RUNNING, so not knowing how much longer this thing would take I stood there watching it and waiting for the ‘drying’ light to go out and the ‘end’ light to come on – and I watched and waited and watched and waited a bit more but still the light didn’t go out. And then it dawned on me….
The humming noise I could hear was coming from the small extractor fan set high up in the wall near the ceiling – the dishwasher was actually completely silent and when I tentatively opened the door I found that the machine had actually finished its cycle ages before and was just sitting there quietly, waiting to be emptied. I don’t know why the ‘end’ light hadn’t come on but I’d just spent all that time watching something that wasn’t going to do anything because it had already done it! Needless to say, I emptied it quickly, turned the main switch to ‘off’ and made tracks for home – I’d had enough for one evening!

10 thoughts on “A watched pot never boils….

  1. Happy New Year to you too Susie, I might manage to catch up with your blog when I’m not quite as busy. I’m not sure if the dishwasher is faulty with the ‘end’ light not coming on but at least I know now for if this happens again.


    1. That’s happened to me more than once, which is probably where the saying originates from, but I could have stayed at work until midnight and this dishwasher wouldn’t have done anything else 🙂


  2. Oh dear, that must have been frustrating waiting for the thing to “finish” it’s cycle. I’ve got a dishwasher and never use it as it’s quicker to wash our few pots and pans by hand 🙂


  3. I’ve never come across this problem before as the dishwasher has always finished and been switched off long before I get to it so all I have to do is empty it, but at least I’m now aware of it. I had to deal with three different dishwashers at the place where I cleaned before this one and it was obvious when they’d finished their cycle so I can only assume that this one has a slight fault which means the ‘end’ light doesn’t come on 😦


  4. I am so glad it is not only me who does daft things like that! Yesterday the house should have been silent and calm but I could not track down the source of a low-level hum that never seemed to change pitch and was more than a little irritating. It was only when I went out to the dustbin I realised the noise was coming from farm machinery about 3 fields away!


  5. Hi Eunice,

    Oh, I can so relate to this. I recall freaking out when my fridge wasn’t making its usual noises. One time, my talking fridge, sounded very much like a hog squealing.

    I’ve no doubt you had enough for one evening, Eunice.



  6. I certainly had Gary – the length of time I spent waiting for the dishwasher to do something I could have been more than halfway home.

    I’ve just read the latest post on your own blog, it’s good to know that you are staying positive and I hope you have a much better year this year 🙂


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