Well done Michael!

Just over a week ago Michael got a letter from Warburtons congratulating him on his ten years service with the company For that ten years he now gets £100 to spend on Extra Dough (the money variety, not the sort you make bread out of!)  and he can choose whether to have it added to his wage, spend it on the website or take the equivalent in vouchers. The letter was followed earlier this week by a card personally signed by Brett Warburton, executive director and co-owner of the company.
Now just to avoid any possible confusion, Michael is actually his middle name and he’s always been called that by me, family and close friends, but for some reason at work everyone calls him by his first name, Sean, and that’s who the letter and card were addressed to.
copy of michael's 10 year letter
copy of michael's 10 year letter 001
copy of michael's 10 year letter 002
The Warburtons bakery isn’t far from home and I remember if we ever passed nearby when Michael was quite young he always said that the aroma of baking bread smelt more like toast, so it was always a joke between us through the years that Warburton’s were making toast again. Right from being so young he always said he wanted to work there and when he left school at 16 it was the first place he applied at for a job but unfortunately he didn’t get taken on at the time.
Fast forward through several years and other jobs and he eventually went to work at Warburtons through an agency ; he was with the agency for just over four years before being taken on as an official Warburtons employee and since then has worked his way up to a job which carries a fair amount of responsibility. His shifts are long – usually 12 hours – but the work is varied, he enjoys what he does and he gets a decent amount of days off and holidays. Neither of us knew, all those years ago when he was very young, that he would eventually achieve his goal and work for the largest bakery brand in the UK – as his mum I’m proud of him. And yes, it does still smell like they are making toast!

18 thoughts on “Well done Michael!

  1. It certainly will be Eileen, though I don’t know yet what he’s decided to spend it on. At least he’s got recognition for his 10 years – I worked for one firm for 26 and never got so much as a thank you or a card when I left!


    1. Martyn worked for over thirty years on night shifts. He chose a watch to commemorate his thirty years service, got it after eighteen months of waiting. They presented it to him on the day he was leaving after being made redundant. Then he discovered the damn watch needed a new battery 🙂


      1. I wonder if Martyn’s firm knew well in advance that he would be made redundant so they held the watch back until he was to save giving him a long service award AND a leaving gift 😦


  2. What a super story , and how marvellous to hear of a firm that values employees who stay with them, so many just want new staff all the time. Long may he continue to help make toast.


    1. The company prides itself on being a wholly family firm and looking after their employees well – they were brilliant with Michael when he was off work for over ten months with a broken ankle. He doesn’t actually make ‘toast’ though, the bread making department is in the original bakery but he works in the new one across from it and makes teacakes, muffins, bagels, crumpets, sandwich thins and anything else which isn’t actually ‘proper’ bread 🙂


  3. It’s nice when you get a firm that treats its employees well instead of being just a number on the payroll. And the perks are good too, he’s always bringing stuff home for me 🙂 🙂


  4. I’ll pass your comment on to him Jayne. I’ve tried many different brands of crumpets over the years but none have ever been as nice as Warburton’s 🙂


  5. Congratulations Michael & glad your dream finally came true to work at Warburtons. I’ve even tasted their bread when I’ve visited UK. There was a Hovis Bakery near the station in Sydney where my Dad caught the train home from work & when he was on a late shift, he’d bring freshly baked bread home for our breakfast. It was lovely, but that was back in the fifties, when things were different from today. Ahh, memories! Take care.


  6. My mum used to get freshly baked bread from a small independent local shop when I was a kid but mainly would bake her own as she was a baker and confectioner by trade. She passed all her skills on to me but I have neither the time nor the inclination these days. Warburton’s bread can be found in supermarkets in the parts of Spain more popular with British tourists/expats but I don’t think it’s reached Australia yet! 🙂


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