A puzzling email and a surprise gift

A week ago last Sunday, late in the afternoon, I got an email from a courier company informing me that a parcel was to be delivered to my address within the next two days. This was really puzzling as I hadn’t sent for anything from anywhere and neither had Michael so at first I thought this must be a mistake, however when I checked the link in the email I realised what it was and where it was coming from – it was a dog quilt for Sophie and Poppie, made by my blogging friend Jayne.
Now I’d known for a while that Jayne was making a quilt to send to our blogging friend Eileen for her dog Annie and I’d been asked to keep it a secret, but I hadn’t known that she was also making one for me so the email from the courier company, as well as being puzzling, was also surprising. The quilt arrived on Tuesday afternoon last week, I have to say it’s a beautiful gift and the photo doesn’t really do it justice. It also came with a very sweet letter from Jayne’s dog Daisy to Sophie and Poppie, which I thought was a really lovely touch.
Copy of dog quilt 002
Sometimes saying ‘thank you’ for something doesn’t seem enough somehow but I don’t really know what else to say. So thank you Jayne and Daisy for the very lovely and very thoughtful surprise gift, it’s much appreciated – Sophie and Poppie love it and so do I  🙂
Edited on Saturday March 2nd to add that sadly Jayne had to say a very loving goodbye to Daisy earlier this week, so this quilt and Daisy’s letter has become even more precious than words could ever say.

23 thoughts on “A puzzling email and a surprise gift

  1. Oops. Blushing. You don’t need to say any more than you already have done. Sharing my quilting with your two lovely girls is my absolute pleasure and I think your idea of putting the quilt in your van is an excellent one.

    Just a thought – a few years ago I made a quilt for a friend having her first baby. Like you, she is not a stitcher and therefore thought the quilt was impressive. I told her very firmly that it was made To Be Used and the best compliment she could pay me was to come back in a few years and say that the quilt was totally worn out because it had been played on, played under, and not wrapped up “special” and put in a cupboard.

    Last year she wrote and told me that the quilt was still looking good, and surviving baby number 2! So please don’t be afraid to use it, and enjoy it. xx


  2. Hey Eunice,

    Awe, how lovely. Such a thoughtful gesture. What a beautiful quilt and yep, will be just perfect for your travelling adventures with Sophie and Poppie.

    Take very good care, my kind friend.

    Gary 😀


  3. Lucky Sophie & Poppy! You couldn’t wish for a better friend in Jayne. Wonderful in person & as a blogpal. Enjoy the quilt all 3 of you, take care & have a lovely weekend.


    1. I haven’t met Jayne in person yet (hopefully that can be rectified later this year) so for her to send me the quilt was a lovely surprise and we love it 🙂 Hope you have a good weekend too 🙂


  4. Lovely to see your quilt Eunice, it’s really lovely. I’m sure I will see it for real when we meet up on your next camping trip in my neck of the woods. Such wonderful unexpected gifts from Jayne and Daisy. To say I was also puzzled and surprised is an understatement, you certainly did keep the secret very well. Jayne has become a dear blogging friend, very kind and generous and my thoughts will be with Jayne and Daisy today. Just to add that Annie sleeps on her new quilt and it’s fair to say she likes it very much. I’m sure Sophie and Poppie will use and enjoy their lovely new quilt too.


    1. The quilt will be great in the back of the van, especially when we are camping, and using it in there solves the sharing problem 🙂 My thoughts are with Jayne and Daisy today too and I’ll be checking her blog at regular intervals for updates.


  5. I’d been keeping the secret for several weeks of the other one that Jayne was making but was blissfully unaware that she was also doing this one for me so it certainly came as a very lovely surprise 🙂


  6. Oh will you darling girls just hush up. I have managed to ‘keep it together’ today, but reading what you’ve written here has finished me off. M. has just taken Daisy out so she’s not upset with me crying.

    I don’t think I am anything special, but thank you. I don’t know that I can cope with answering my own blog comments at present, but the things you’ve all said have touched me deeply, thank you. xxx


  7. Thanks for your comment, and welcome to the Mouse House. Jayne makes some really beautiful quilts and this one for Sophie and Poppie was a lovely surprise gift, made all the more precious because of the situation she and Daisy are facing today.


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