No, I haven’t died a death….

Nor have I run away with a multi-millionaire to his private island in the Caribbean {chance would be a fine thing), I’ve been concentrating on my other blog.
While I was away at Easter I took a total of 365 photos over the course of the four-day weekend – of course those all needed sorting out and editing where necessary and it took me two days on and off to wade through them all. Writing the actual posts wasn’t as straightforward as it could have been either, as three of the days had to be split into two or even three separate posts to accommodate all the photos I was including. Add to that the fact that for some strange reason some photos included while writing a post often don’t look the same on my screen as they do when actually published so in many cases I’ve had to edit, re-edit, and sometimes completely scrap various ones in an effort to get things right.
Of course all this faffing about has taken time and also given me a couple of headaches but I’m finally almost there – only one more post to write now and that will be it until the next time I go camping. Hopefully I can write that post tonight then (hopefully again) I can resume my twice-weekly posts on here – and who knows, weather permitting I may even manage to do a Monday walk next week.
If anyone wants to read about my Easter camping trip and the places I visited then that section of the other blog can be found starting here – 

2 thoughts on “No, I haven’t died a death….

  1. Sorry I’m replying to your linked post on here. My phone won’t let me reply to posts on other blog sites, not sure why. Anyway the area you stayed plus the campsite do look fab. It’s the one you mentioned you were going to near Bassenthwaite? Glad you enjoyed the lakes as much as Anglesey. X


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