The dog ate my mouse!

And I don’t mean a computer mouse either, so if anyone is a bit squeamish then don’t read any further – though it is rather a funny story.
So a few weeks ago I was cleaning at the boss’s house and even though it was raining it was still quite mild so I’d left the back door open for Dylan the cat to wander in and out while I was working. I was just about to get ready to leave when I found a dead mouse in the middle of the kitchen floor – Dylan had brought me a present. Now I read somewhere ages ago that if a cat brings you a present you shouldn’t dispose of it while the cat is there or it will feel very insulted – I don’t know who thought that one up or even if it’s true but I didn’t want Dylan to think I didn’t appreciate his gift so I wrapped it carefully in some kitchen roll and put it in a small takeaway-type plastic carrier bag, to dispose of it when I went out.
Now to be quite honest, being the soft-hearted person that I am where animals are concerned, I felt quite sorry for the little mouse having lost its life to a big fluffy cat ; it didn’t deserve to be just dumped in the bin so I brought it home with the intention of digging a small hole with my trowel and burying it under the fuschia hedge. However, by the time I’d walked the fifteen minutes back home it was raining harder then ever so I popped the mouse, in its bag, in the top of the planter near the door with the intention of burying it once the rain eased off.
So much later on, with the rain having finally stopped andΒ totally forgetting about the mouse,Β I let Sophie and Poppie out for five minutes in the garden, but when I opened the door to call them back in I found bits of shredded carrier bag all over the path. At first I couldn’t figure out where it had come from but then realisation hit – with the absence of a little furry body it seemed that rather than the mouse going into a hole under the hedge as I’d intended it had gone into one of the dogs instead.
At that point I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It was no use being cross with Sophie and Poppie as I didn’t know which one had eaten the mouse but I felt a bit upset that the poor little thing had ended up like that. Fortunately neither of the dogs suffered any ill effects afterwards, and I was just glad that the little mouse had actually been dead before it ended up as a dog’s dinner.
Now I realise that anyone reading this will probably have come to the conclusion that I’m completely bonkers, out of my tree, totally insane and needing a visit from the men in white coats but that’s just me, I love animals and hate to see dead ones however they came by their demise, and though it was a sad ending for the little mouse it does make rather an amusing story.

18 thoughts on “The dog ate my mouse!

  1. I don’t think you’re bonkers at all. It has taken me a long time to deal with (and I’m still not really used to) Mog bringing mice home. It may be natural, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it . She gets a stern talking to. X

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    1. Oddly enough, none of my own cats ever brought mice in even though there’s a field at the end of the street. I don’t know how it started but I’ve loved mice since being a small child – I hate to see dead ones though and always try to find somewhere nice to leave them πŸ™‚


  2. Another good reason I don’t have a cat πŸ™‚ I’m sure Sophie and / or Poppie enjoyed their “treat” and didn’t bring it back up for you to clean up.

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  3. I’m with Eileen on not having a cat . . . apart from the stink of litter trays or the indiscriminate shitting in flower beds, at least none of my dogs have ever ‘brought me a present’ – they may have left a few, ha ha ha, but that’s not the same thing.

    And it’s neither Poppie or Sophie’s fault – would we even have JRT’s if they had not originally been bred as ratters/mousers?

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  4. I’ve had cats since I was 18 so over the years I’ve got used to various ones bringing things in – never mice though, it was usually birds – but my current three are house cats so there’s never any chance of getting presents from them.

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  5. I would hate to have to do that and fortunately I never have. I remember when I was a kid, probably only about four or five, a mouse got into my toy cupboard so my dad dispatched it with the coal shovel and threw it on the fire – I cried for ages afterwards 😦

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  6. Aaw I think that’s so cute with your dogs taking the mouse. Our cat has gone crazy with hunting since we moved to this house, maybe there are so many rodents around compared to what she’s used to. In the last few months she’s brought in all kinds of things, small mice, birds, rabbits, rats. She usually eats the mice (we wake up to hear her eat “crunchies” under the bed), and I’m SO happy she doesn’t take in alive rats, but she took in an alive rabbit once. If we take them out when she sees it, she will take them in again… so we wait until she has gone to do something else, then take the stuff out and put them in wild area of the garden.
    This sounds so crazy but you get used to it. But I guess if you’re that enormous animal friend who can’t stand the fact that animals die, then it would be hard.


  7. Hi, and thanks for the comment. My own current three cats are house cats so never have the opportunity to bring anything in from outside but several of my cats in the past would bring things in and I got used to disposing of dead bodies, usually birds, or what was left of them. I could have understood the boss’s cat eating the mouse after he’d caught it but would never have thought that one of my dogs would take it.


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