This is what you get when…

You ask for ‘a bit of cheap cake that will go with a brew’.
A few days ago Michael was popping down to our local Asda store and asked me if I wanted anything while he was down there, so I asked him to get me a bit of cheap cake which would go with a brew – I was thinking along the lines of maybe a box of individual apple pies or Viennese whirls, a couple of those go well with a mug of coffee. Half an hour later he was back – with a leopard print party cake which, according to the box, would serve 14! And it was all for me as he said he didn’t want any of it.
DSCF3802 - Copy
At first I couldn’t see how it would serve 14 people as it wasn’t really that big, but having sampled a slice I realised why it would. It’s very sweet and not the sort of thing you would want a lot of so a thin slice is quite sufficient, though I must admit to putting some squirty cream with it – and very nice it is too. So bang goes the healthy eating for this week – I’ve still got quite a bit of the cake left so the diet can start next week!


15 thoughts on “This is what you get when…

    1. I suppose really it’s a children’s cake, in which case it probably would serve 14, but even the greediest child wouldn’t want too much of it πŸ™‚


  1. Believe it or not the original price was Β£13 (no way would I pay that much for a cake!) but it had been reduced three times so Michael got it for Β£2 and wouldn’t let me pay him back either – he said I deserve it for all the time I’m spending nursing Sophie through her illness.


  2. Oh dear, it’s going to last two weeks at a slice a day. You may have to persuade Michael to help you eat it or you’ll be really fed up of leopard print party cake πŸ™‚


  3. Oh, good grief Michael!! I had no idea THAT was what it looked like :). Console yourself that you have had a lot of stress recently, and that burns up carbohydrates. How is Sophie?


  4. I certainly didn’t expect Michael to come back with a cake like that πŸ™‚ Baby steps for Sophie at the moment and a long way to go but there’s been some small improvements this week πŸ™‚


  5. Well ain’t that just a darn shame , just when you had decided to start eating healthily!!! Lol, lol. Never mind, eat it slowly and the calories won’t count. It’s only when you scoff greedily at cake that it’s bad for you. Honest!
    Fingers crossed that little Sophie picks up soon.


  6. I’ve been healthy eating for quite a while, with a bit of cake as a weekly treat, but since I’ve been nursing Sophie I’ve been snatching what I can when I can. I can counteract the cake calories by the fact that I have a physical job and also do a fair amount of dog walking so hopefully the leopard cake won’t do too much damage πŸ™‚ Sophie has a long way to go yet but the vet was happy with her at her check up today so fingers crossed she’ll continue to improve.


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