Bolton’s street art…

What little there is of it anyway.
My Monday walk this week is a relatively short one across the town centre from north to south, starting at the 1st Edition tattoo parlour just on the north edge of town. It’s round the corner from one of the places where I work so I pass it regularly ; the mural on the side wall has been done by a Hungarian-born Preston tattoo artist with over ten years experience working as a graphic designer, illustrator and street artist.
DSCF3871 - Copy
Artist – Andrew Senph
Down into the town centre itself now, and the Greyhound pub on Deansgate. Unfortunately I’ve been unable to find out any history of the pub other than for some strange reason it’s referred to locally as the Kicking Donkey ; on its side wall is one of several murals done by an artist going by the name of Kaser.
Artist – Kaser
A few minutes walk from the Greyhound and past the open market took me to the Griffin pub on Great Moor Street and a Kaser mural on the corner wall, though again I can find no history of the pub itself.
Artist – Kaser
Another few minutes walk and I came to the Sweet Green Tavern on Crook Street, and more murals by Kaser. Yet again I’ve been unable to find out much history of the pub though the very friendly young lady behind the bar did tell me that the building used to be three separate premises. The window on the far left was once a doorway and that and the two windows on its right were the original pub which was just one room. The existing doorway and the two windows to its right belonged to a bakery and the other three windows were the doorway and windows of a house.
DSCF3897 - Copy
Stretching along the pub’s rear wall, and bordering the main road, is a large mural which pays tribute to the photos of Humphrey Spender and the Mass Observation of 1937/38. Seen close up it’s just a jumble of black and grey shapes but from across the road (or in my case the middle of the road!) it makes more sense.
Artist – Kaser


On the end wall of the pub is another mural by Kaser, taken from a photo of the 1918 Crook Street train crash. On March 16th that year a coal train with an engine weighing 70 tons pulling wagons carrying over 400 tons of coal ran out of control going down the incline approaching Bolton Terminal Station. It was diverted into the Crook Street goods yard but ran through the yard, smashed through the buffers and the boundary wall, crossed the road diagonally and smashed into two small houses. The guard jumped from the brake van but the driver and fireman stayed on the footplate ; fortunately none of the men suffered more than minor injuries but eight people living in the houses were injured, though not seriously. In addition to the damage to the engine and the houses five coal wagons were completely wrecked and seven others were damaged.
Artist – Kaser
DSCF3896 - Copy
Framed article in the pub, taken from the local paper in 1998
Going through the pub and out into the outside smoking area I found a plethora of murals by Kaser. Unfortunately some of the canopy supports prevented me from getting completely uninterrupted photos of some of the murals but the shots I got were good enough. My favourite was the hummingbird on the end wall, and even though it was looking a bit worse for wear it was still quite pretty.

DSCF3893 - CopyDSCF3892 - Copy

DSCF3879 - CopyDSCF3880 - CopyDSCF3881 - CopyDSCF3894 - Copy
DSCF3884 - Copy
This has no connection to the artist Banksy – the landlord’s name is Banks
DSCF3885 - CopyDSCF3886 - CopyDSCF3887 - CopyDSCF3888 - CopyDSCF3889 - CopyDSCF3890 - CopyDSCF3891 - Copy
As far as I’m aware these murals are the only examples of street art in my town ; I can think of several places which could be brightened up with a mural or two so it’s a shame that most of these are hidden behind the outside wall of a pub’s beer garden. I’m glad I found out about them though, and at least I’ve added a few more photos to my street art collection.


20 thoughts on “Bolton’s street art…

  1. Love that you have a Greyhound pub and the dog painting is good, much prefer that name to the Kicking Donkey. Seems obvious the Sweet Green has been extended, not sure about the artwork though. How scary that must have been for the men on the runaway train and just imagine that coming through your house, all lucky to have survived! I do like the Banksy, bet that’s a talking point 🙂


  2. I don’t know why the Greyhound pub is known as the Kicking Donkey, it must be a nickname going back many years ; I do like the dog mural though. The murals at the Sweet Green may not be to everyone’s taste but the beer garden ones certainly brighten the place up a bit. Imagine what a fright you’d get if you were sitting having a brew and a train landed in your living room – it was certainly lucky that no-one was killed.


    1. They don’t actually live here though, one’s from Preston and Kaser lives in Walkden which is heading towards Manchester. I do wonder though why this town doesn’t have any street art – there are a few areas which would benefit from having some.


  3. You still found some good ones though. I love the Greyhound and the Griffin. The runaway train art is a clever reminder of a scary piece of history. Kaser has been the most busy in Bolton for sure. X


  4. My favourite is the greyhound but I think the black and grey mural paying tribute to the photos of Humphrey Spender is very clever. There’s some very talented people about.


    1. Unfortunately these are the only few street art examples we seem to have in this town. I don’t know if the council are against it for some reason but it’s a shame really as there are some places which would really be brightened up by some street art, if only temporarily.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I like your collection of street art. The story of the train careering through the houses left me gobsmacked. Can you just imagine it? The play on the name, Banksy is cool too.


  6. Imagine just sitting there minding your own business and a train comes crashing into your living room – it’s a miracle that no-one was killed. You could dine out for years on a story like that though 🙂


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