A thoughtful gift from a neighbour

Last Sunday evening I was sitting here chatting on the phone to a friend when Michael came in with an envelope in his hand, saying he’d heard a noise at the front door and found the envelope on the floor behind the door. It was a previously used envelope folded over, had my name and a message written on it and contained something solid; the message read “The paint is acrylic so waterproof for the garden – I hope you like it”. ‘It’ was from Fiona, my young next door neighbour, and was a piece of slate with Sophie’s name painted on it in different coloured letters – something simple to mark Sophie’s little corner of the garden but also something very unexpected and so very thoughtful.
Yesterday I popped into my local Asda to get a few bits and pieces and on my way to the book section I noticed a box of very small animal ornaments on sticks for putting in plant pots. There were foxes, squirrels and just one little rabbit – the rabbit was the cutest so I got it to put in the little pot of flowers in Sophie’s corner.
The bricks are only a temporary measure to keep the plant in place, once the soil dries out properly I’ll rake it over, maybe plant some grass seed and hopefully (as I’m not a gardener in any way, shape or form) I can turn Sophie’s little corner into something much nicer.

17 thoughts on “A thoughtful gift from a neighbour

  1. That is such a lovely thoughtful gift, how lovely for Fiona to do that for you. Unexpected gifts like that are to be treasured. The little rabbit is so cute something I would have bought too.

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    1. The slate was really unexpected and I was really touched that Fiona had taken the trouble to do it for me. The little rabbit is something I would never normally think of buying but it was too cute to resist 🙂


  2. A lovely surprise & what a good neighbour to have. Maybe a little gardening in these tough times will help pull a lot of us through, even if we don’t have green thumbs. Just being in the fresh air & getting our hands dirty in soil, must be better than what we touch at other times & all the handwashing. Talked to someone yesterday who says her hands are now red raw, dry & look terrible. Take care Eunice, stay safe & hugs from down under.

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  3. Hugs back to you too Susan 🙂 The slate was a lovely surprise and really thoughtful. I don’t do gardening – I only just about manage to cut the grass and trim the hedges – and I have an intense dislike of worms and slugs so there’s no way I would put my hands in soil 😦 but I’m looking forward to making Sophie’s corner look a bit nicer once the soil dries out more.


  4. It was, and very much appreciated too. My neighbours are a nice young couple, I’ve known Paul since he was born and Fiona since she was at the school where I used to work, their kids are nice too.


  5. Such a lovely kind thing to do – to take the trouble to paint the slate for Sophie’s corner of the garden.
    I am in the age group to self-isolate so I’ve been doing that for a week now; trying to book another delivery slot from Tesco is impossible though, so I am very glad of my son, on his motorbike, getting a few groceries and my prescriptions for me. Actually, in our village we have the shop offering to deliver to those who are unable to get their own shopping, also at the pub – which has now had to close – the landlady has said she will cook roast dinners tomorrow (Mothering Sunday) which can be collected or delivered. Lots of helpful people here and I’m very grateful.

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  6. What a nice thing to happen. Good to know that there are such kind and thoughtful people, Eunice. They obviously knew how much you loved Sophie. God bless! 🙂 🙂


  7. Thanks Jo. Fiona lost her own little dog a few months ago so she would have had a good idea how upset I was about Sophie. Painting the slate was a really lovely thing to do for me 🙂


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