Two of life’s great mysteries

Back in October last year I had a bit of a problem transferring the last couple of dozen photos from my camera card to the computer. The pc photo programme would run though the photos on the card but would stick just before the last few and no matter how many times I tried it was always the same; even deleting some shots off the card made no difference so I came to the conclusion that somehow the card had been corrupted, though luckily the last few shots weren’t important so not being able to access them didn’t matter too much.
So I bought a new card and everything has worked fine up until the last few days but I find I now have the same problem with this one – the pc will find all the shots on the card but won’t import the last few. I’ve tried everything I can think of – cleared a load of old files and photos off the pc in case it was a space issue (it wasn’t, I have loads left) cleared all cookies and temporary internet files, closed all the programmes I’m using except the photo one, done a disc clean up and defrag, tried different, new and fully charged batteries in the camera, deleted some shots off the card and put the card in a different camera. Nothing works and it’s a mystery why it doesn’t but on the basis that this could also be a corrupt camera card I got another new one yesterday.
Now here’s a second mystery. Last night, just out of curiosity, I tried the camera card from last year which I originally thought was corrupt – and straight away the pc found and imported the last photos which I couldn’t access before. Very strange! So I’m now left wondering where the fault lies – is it a pc issue or a camera card issue? I really haven’t a clue and to be honest I’m now fed up trying to solve the problem. I just hope it’s third time lucky and I have no issues in the future with this new card – it remains to be seen.


**Edited to add that this afternoon I tried the recent camera card again and this time everything worked and the camera and pc decided to talk to each other properly – the pc found all the shots on the card and imported the last few, which it wouldn’t do before! Totally bizarre, and I still haven’t a clue what the problem could be.


13 thoughts on “Two of life’s great mysteries

  1. You have probably tried all these things, but here’s my tuppence worth:-

    1. Whenever anything does not work on a computer the way I expect it to, it never hurts to shut everything down, reboot the machine, and start again. Amazing how many things get fixed that way!

    2. Most new cards/storage drives come with proprietary software on them. The first thing I always do is reformat and blow away anything pre-installed. 99 times out of a hundred you don’t need it.

    In my case I can truly say it is 100 times out of a hundred!

    3. Bear in mind I use Apple and haven’t touched a Windows machine for many, many years, is it possible that there are transfer limits either on your cards or in your computer? I know how many hundreds of photos you take sometimes, perhaps you just reached a limit . . . Either number of files transferred or volume of data in one go??

    Apologies if I am “teaching grandmother eggs” etc., but you did ask


    1. First of all, thanks for the suggestions, however (1) I tried that several time but it made no difference (2) You lost me at the word ‘format’ – haven’t a clue what it means and I’ve never had to do anything with any of my camera cards. Take the shots, connect camera to pc, pc finds and imports most recent photos on card, job done. (3) Pc/card limits – less than half the storage space on my hard drive used so I’m ruling that out, camera card capacity is 4,000 plus and I’ve only got 1400 on it so I don’t think it’s that. However see the edit at the bottom of the page – just to add to the mystery 🙂


  2. You lost me in the middle off the second paragraph. I’m not good with technology so I’m in awe of anyone who is. I hope you manage to get it sorted, Eunice, your photographs are always such a pleasure to see. X


    1. I don’t do technology either Jules, what I’ve written on here is as good as it gets, however I’ve now got the missing photos on the pc – see my update at the bottom of the post 🙂


  3. I’m a complete technophobe so have no clue what to suggest. I hope you get it sorted.
    I had a new router not long ago and my photo programme no longer worked so I had to uninstall it and install a newer version from the internet. Took me a while to figure it out but got there in the end.


    1. Give me a vintage tractor and I can deal with it, anything technical to do with a pc and I’ve no chance, however the inaccessible photos are somehow now on the pc 🙂


  4. Sorry Andrew, you’ve totally lost me there – the procedures I’ve already carried out are about as technical as I get so I wouldn’t have a clue how to do what you suggest. When I connect the camera to the pc the photo programme automatically searches for new photos and imports the most recent ones to the top anyway, however see the edit at the bottom of the post :/


    1. I even have two lots of the same photos now. Yesterday, using my newly purchased camera card, I repeated Thursday’s walk to re-take the photos I couldn’t access on the previous card but now the pc has decided to find those photos I’ve got two lots 🙂 I still haven’t solved the mystery though 😦

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  5. Strange, just like our world at the moment, but I’ve no idea and only work with “simple” for anything, as I’m always known as the tortoise, being slow to catch on. Take care, stay safe & hugs.


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