Lancaster Canal & Guy’s Thatched Hamlet

This short-ish unplanned walk was done on the same day as my walk along Skippool Creek, featured in my previous post. Driving home from the creek I passed Guy’s Thatched Hamlet and as it was still only mid afternoon I decided on the spur of the moment to stop and have a short walk along the canal. The entrance to the hamlet had been closed off so I parked on the road and took the steps down to the canalside; the hamlet itself was in complete contrast to when I’d been there last summer – back then it had been very busy, now there was no-one around except someone in a moored up boat and a couple of guys fishing from the towpath.
DSCF5131 - Copy
I decided to have a look round the hamlet first. With several overgrown flower beds, grass which needed mowing and no-one else around it felt very much like a ghost village but at least I was able to wander round and take a few photos without anyone getting in the way. On some of the whitewashed lodge walls I discovered various murals and on the outside walls of a couple of the shops were several old and quirky advertising signs.
DSCF5130 - CopyDSCF5162 - Copy

DSCF5141 - CopyDSCF5142 - CopyDSCF5149 - CopyDSCF5152 - Copy

DSCF5153 - CopyDSCF5138 - CopyDSCF5161 - Copy
Walking northwards first I passed a line of boats moored at intervals along the opposite bank and the pleasant looking back gardens of the houses and small businesses situated along the nearby main road. On my left was a caravan park and after a distance I came to a narrow road bridge so I made that my turn round point. Steps led up to the road so I went up to take a quick look and get a couple of shots from each direction then headed back towards the hamlet.
DSCF5155 - CopyDSCF5156 - CopyDSCF5157 - CopyDSCF5158 - CopyDSCF5159 - CopyDSCF5160 - Copy
Back past Guy’s I walked under the road bridge and headed south for a while. Here there was nothing but open fields, sweet smelling hawthorn hedges and the pretty canal stretching in front of me, and away from any road noise the only sounds were birdsong and the occasional bleat of a sheep.
DSCF5132 - CopyDSCF5134 - CopyDSCF5136 - CopyDSCF5137 - CopyDSCF5133 - CopyDSCF5135 - Copy
On such a glorious afternoon and in such a lovely location I could have walked for miles but having already covered quite a distance at Skippool Creek I didn’t go too far before I turned round and headed back to the van. This part of the canal was really lovely, and now having checked it out on Google maps it’s a place where I intend to do a much longer walk in the not-too-distant future.


12 thoughts on “Lancaster Canal & Guy’s Thatched Hamlet

  1. I seem to remember you posting about your previous visit here, it’s a lovely place. I love those advertising signs, the one that made me chuckle was “trains stop here every Thursday or Friday” is that if you’re lucky? 🙂 I have to say that although the pandemic is disastrous for businesses it is nice to hear birdsong now.


    1. It felt really strange walking round the hamlet when there was no-one else around but at least there was no-one to get in the way of my photos. The train sign made me smile too – I should imagine it would be very confusing for anyone wanting to catch one 🙂


    1. Away from Lancaster itself the canal is really pretty and there are some lovely places you could start a walk from. If Guy’s hamlet is open you can park there for free, if still closed then you can park on the road nearby.


  2. The thatched hamlet is usually very busy so it seemed strange walking round with everything closed and no-one there. The canal itself is very peaceful and pretty and makes a lovely walk or cycle ride 🙂


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