Gifts from friends

This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for quite a while but somehow I’ve never got round to it until now. Back in January, when I was devoting all my time to nursing Sophie through her illness following a stroke, I had an email from a friend to say she was sending a parcel to me, though she didn’t say what it was. A couple of days later the parcel duly arrived and though I can’t remember now what I’d initially thought it might be I was way off the mark as it was something so unexpected.
Now although I don’t have any particular interest in most of the tv soaps the one I do watch regularly is Coronation Street and a couple of years ago I even went onΒ the official tour of the soap’s new outdoor set at MediaCity in Salford, so I was very surprised to find that the parcel contained several individually wrapped collectors’ pieces which make up the terraced row of Coronation Street houses as they were in the mid 1990s.
Each piece is labelled on the bottom with the house number and the names of the occupants at the time though of course these have changed probably more than once over the years since then, also many of the house fronts bear no resemblance to the ones on today’s new outdoor set, but the collection makes a great piece of memorabilia and it was lovely of my friend to send it to cheer me up when I was going through a difficult time with Sophie.
DSCF4596 - Copy (2)
Not long after losing Sophie in February I started looking for another little Jack Russell, not only for myself but also as another friend for Poppie, but any rescue centres I could get to easily only seemed to have big dogs and any Jack Russells advertised on the internet were going for ridiculously high prices – and still are – so the search goes on. I did however, get a Jack Russell in April thanks to another friend who sent me the surprise gift of a Jack Russell ornament. It may not be alive, and it doesn’t look like Sophie, Poppie, or any of my previous Jack Russells, but it’s very sweet and now lives on the unit next to my computer.
DSCF4597 - Copy
It’s strange to think that if it wasn’t for the internet I wouldn’t have known either of these friends in the first place, so a very belated blog post thank you goes to both of you (you know who you are) for thinking of me and sending me these lovely surprise gifts, they are both very much appreciated.


**Useless information time now – there is actually a real Coronation Street in Salford, probably only about a mile or so away from the new ITV studios at MediaCity, and back in the 1970s a cousin of Michael’s dad lived there, though other than the downstairs bay windows the house fronts bore very little resemblance to the ones in the programme. We visited a few times and I remember it was quite a nice street. The title of the programme isn’t connected to it though – when the soap was first created back in 1960 it was intended to be called Florizel Street until one of the studio cleaners said the name sounded like a disinfectant!


10 thoughts on “Gifts from friends

  1. So cool, Eunice! That’s another wonderful thing about the Internet, the making of friends all over the world. The only other time I had this kind of opportunity was when I had penpals in 7th and 8th grade. I’ve heard of Coronation Street, never saw it. I got into Eastenders in the 1990s when public TV carried it.


    1. I had several penpals back in the mid 70s, I loved sending and receiving letters but I never met any of them. I watched EastEnders in the 80s for a few years after it first started, Neighbours and Home and Away too, but hadn’t really got time for all of them so just stuck with Coronation Street mainly because it’s ‘local’, in fact there are a few actors from my home town who have been in it over the years.


  2. The gifts are so very sweet but the thought behind them is priceless. If I hear of any Jack Russells in need of a good home I will be sure to let you know. X


    1. Thanks Jules. Ideally I’m looking for a little girl, mainly white, and I’m sure I’ll find what I want in time but as long as it’s a girl I’m open to suggestions colour-wise πŸ™‚


  3. Blogging friends are worth their weight in gold. I’ve received unexpected gifts that are very precious indeed. The nicest thing of all is having met in person to find they are just as lovely as you’d imagine them to be πŸ™‚


  4. I remember back in the early 90s my mum told me she had seen a large Jack Russell ornament – the sort you would stand on the floor at the side of the fireplace – in a shop in town, it looked just like my first little JR but she didn’t buy it as she didn’t know if I would want it. Of course I said ‘yes’ but when she went back a few days later it had been sold – I think she regretted it for quite a while afterwards 😦


  5. These two internet friends are lovely people and it’s nice that I’ve met them both in person. Surprises in the mail – as long as they aren’t bills! – are always nice to receive πŸ™‚


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