Brinscall to White Coppice walk

My Monday walk this week was done the day after my Heysham visit and on the second extremely hot day of the week, and though not immediately local the start of the walk was only just a 20-minute drive from home. During a conversation with a friend a few days previously she had told me about a lake she and her partner had stopped at briefly while on an afternoon out round the countryside; it sounded nice for a walk round without going too far so after checking out the location on Google maps off I went.
At the far side of Belmont moors a left turn took me another couple of miles to Brinscall village and the lake which was situated behind the swimming pool building and had a small free car park. At the end of the car park was a pleasant looking small park area with a playground and benches overlooking the lake but looking down the lake itself I could see it wasn’t as big as I first thought and it wouldn’t take me long to walk round it.

DSCF5685 - CopyDSCF5645 - Copy

DSCF5647 - Copy
View from the far end of the lake
The lake was bordered on one side by a densely wooded area and as I set off along the path I came to a signpost for the hamlet of White Coppice, just one-and-a-half miles away. I hadn’t been there for easily twenty years and as I had plenty of time I decided to abandon my round-the-lake walk and head for there instead. A short boardwalk took me over a bit of a boggy area then from there a long almost straight path followed a shallow river, with the trees opening out occasionally to give views of the surrounding hillsides.
DSCF5648 - CopyDSCF5650 - CopyDSCF5651 - Copy
The path seemed to go on for ever but eventually I caught a glimpse through the trees of a couple of buildings and soon a slope led me down to a rough track and I emerged at the side of White Coppice village green and cricket pitch with its pretty cottages over the far side. Benches were set at intervals around the edge of the green and though there was no cricket match to watch several people were taking advantage of the sunshine and nice views. On a corner down the lane from the village green was a very pretty lake but it seemed to be private, belonging to one of the houses set just up the hill off the lane, so unable to walk round it I had to be happy with just one shot from over the wall.
DSCF5652 - CopyDSCF5657 - CopyDSCF5654 - CopyDSCF5655 - CopyDSCF5676 - CopyDSCF5658 - Copy
A bit farther on a shallow brook ran parallel to the lane for a short distance, creating a ford across a minor lane and skirting the edge of a very pretty garden before disappearing under the road, and at the far side of the brook an attractive row of cottages was accessed by wooden footbridges over the water.
DSCF5660 - CopyDSCF5663 - CopyDSCF5662 - Copy
A little way on, and round a bend, I came to the last row of cottages, set at an angle to the lane and with the garden wall of the end one covered in pretty red and yellow flowers and lots of foliage. Back at the ford Poppie decided she wanted to cool off a bit so I spent several minutes with my feet just about on dry land while she paddled about at the end of her lead.
DSCF5664 - CopyDSCF5667 - CopyDSCF5669 - Copy
Heading back to the village green I came to the gated entrance to what was obviously a fishing lake; I wasn’t sure if I could go in to take some photos but there was a young guy repairing the fence just inside the gate so I asked him and he said it was okay. The lake was only accessible on that one side and at the far end of the bank was just one lone person sitting peacefully fishing.
DSCF5671 - CopyDSCF5673 - CopyDSCF5675 - CopyDSCF5672 - Copy
With the last shot of the lake I made my way back to the footpath beyond the village green and as I headed back to Brinscall the cooling shade of the trees made a welcome change from the heat of the afternoon sun. When I got to the bottom end of Brinscall lake I continued with my original plan to walk all the way round it and went along the far side back to the car park. This side was more open than the other side, with a road bordered by a wide well kept grass verge with benches set at intervals, views across the lake and nice looking houses and bungalows with attractive gardens, and just by the last bench before the car park I came across a Muscovy duck pecking about on the grass.
DSCF5681 - CopyDSCF5680 - CopyDSCF5683 - CopyDSCF5684 - CopyDSCF5686 - CopyDSCF5688 - Copy
Although the visit to White Coppice had been totally unplanned the walk there and back had been very enjoyable and it had been nice to see the hamlet again after so many years, but now it was time to go back home and relax for a while with a much needed long cold drink.


16 thoughts on “Brinscall to White Coppice walk

  1. It was great that you got the opportunity to extend what would have been a short walk. What a beautiful and tranquil area. Now, where did that sunny weather disappear to? X


    1. To drive to White Coppice from home is a bit of a route round twisting country lanes so it was nice to discover that it was a relatively short straightforward walk from where I parked. If a short walk round the lake was the only option I would have driven to the canal afterwards and walked along there. White Coppice is a pretty little place but it’s miles from anywhere and there’s no shop so I wouldn’t want to live there. As for the weather, I hope the sun comes back soon, I’m running out of walks πŸ™‚


  2. Glad you had a good day out in White Coppice. That’s a nice walk on a fine day. You didn’t feel tempted to go up onto Great Hill then πŸ˜‚
    For a small hamlet White Coppice has two notable sons. Norman Howarth, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, and Henry Tate, of Tate and Lyle and Tate Gallery fame.


  3. Thanks for that interesting snippet of information, you learn something every day πŸ™‚ As for going up to Great Hill from White Coppice, I went part of the way the last time I was there all those years ago, this time it was far too hot but you’ve just given me an idea for another walk, though not from the village πŸ™‚

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  4. They are very pretty cottages and it must be a very peaceful place to live. Nice to see Poppie and I’m sure she enjoyed her little paddle. The weather really went downhill after those very hot days but the sun is about to come out again as I type this.


    1. It looks very pretty in nice weather but probably looks just as miserable as anywhere else when it’s raining. It’s rained here for the last three days, never stopped on Saturday, this morning cloudy with the odd bit of sunshine poking through. I need the sunny days back as there’s a coastal walk I want to do soon πŸ™‚


  5. It was a lovely walk and all completely level too other than the short slope down to the village green. That photo came out better than I expected and looks good full screen so I’ve now got it set as my desktop background πŸ™‚


  6. It was an nice walk to a very pretty little hamlet – I enjoyed it as it wasn’t planned, and it was nice to see White Coppice again after so many years πŸ™‚


  7. It’s a very pretty place but definitely isolated in the middle of nowhere surrounded by countryside, but saying that it’s only just over two miles to the nearest village with shops so not that bad really.


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