“Mum, don’t ever change your phone”

There are three parts to this story but they are all interlinked so bear with me on this.
Part 1 – It’s an established fact that although I may be good at DIY and practical things I just don’t ‘do’ technology. The latest new-fangled smart phones are absolutely beyond me and anyway I have no use for all the features they come with so I just stick to a basic older model Nokia – phone calls and text messages are all I really need from a phone.
Now the phone I’m currently using is the second one of this make and model, the previous one had got rather battered and bruised from use over time and being dropped more than once so I replaced it a while ago but this second one is weird. I’m still using the sim card from my previous phone and if anyone rings me the phone shows the name if it’s in my contacts but for some reason a text message only shows the number, so unless I recognise the last three digits or the gist of the message I have no idea who has messaged me – which links to Part 3 of this post.
Part 2 – At the beginning of the week my friend Lin’s daughter Dee took in what seemed to be a stray cat. Apparently it had been wandering round for a week or so, was obviously elderly and didn’t look to be in the best of health, so Dee and her boyfriend Adam took it to a local vet to get it checked over. The vet said to leave it there and it would be checked for a microchip – if the owners were traced they would be contacted but with no ID it would either go to a rescue place or Dee may be able to adopt it herself, although it would have had to go to Adam’s sister’s as Dee’s dog doesn’t like cats. The following day (Tuesday) just before going to my evening job, I asked Dee if she had any news of the cat but she hadn’t so I told her to let me know if she heard anything – which also links to Part 3.
Part 3 – I hadn’t been at work very long when Tracy, the young woman who is temporarily working with me, shouted to tell me that the sink in the ladies toilet was blocked up. I knew there was a plunger somewhere but not being able to find it anywhere around the offices I went over to the works to see if somehow it had ended up there, and while I was there I got a text message which just said “Got it!”
Now as my phone only showed a number which I didn’t recognise, and thinking it was Dee telling me that she’d got the cat, I sent back the message “Brilliant! Are you taking it to Adam’s sister’s?” This was immediately followed by a phone call from Tracy – “Who the heck is Adam and why would I be taking a plunger to his sister’s??”
The text message had actually come from her to say that she had found the plunger! Cue a fit of giggles at my own misunderstanding and my phone’s inability to show me who’s texting me, but if Tracy had put “Found  it” instead of “Got it” I would have known what the message meant. Of course when I got back over to the offices we both had a laugh about it.
I told Michael the tale later on and when he’d finished laughing he said “Mum, don’t ever change your phone, it won’t be half as much fun if you do!” I suppose he’s got a point – a new-fangled smart phone might be able to do everything except sole shoes and make dinner but it wouldn’t create funny situations like this so I think for now I’ll be sticking to my basic little Nokia even if I don’t always know who’s texting me.


15 thoughts on ““Mum, don’t ever change your phone”

    1. Dee got a call the following morning to say the owners had been traced so presumably it’s back home, wherever that is, but obviously the vet couldn’t give any more details because of data protection.


  1. My kids say exactly the same thing “Mum, don’t ever change your phone”, but that’s because I’m so bad with technology that they dread being asked to help. That gave me a chuckle this morning. Hope the cat’s okay.


    1. I’m glad it’s not only me who doesn’t do technology 🙂 The cat’s owners were traced so hopefully it’s gone back home, other than that we don’t know anything.


  2. Sometimes simple is best! I have a smart phone and use the camera, email and internet, but rarely need other features. It’s the same with software- even at work I use less than 10% of the bells and whistles on the modern bloated software.


    1. My philosophy is this – if I want to take photos I have a good camera, if I want emails and the internet I have a computer, so I only need a phone for calls and texts. I suppose you could say I’m a bit of a dinosaur but I prefer to keep things simple 🙂

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      1. Each to our own Eunice 😉problem with using one device is that ifit goes down you lose everything. But it can be convenient when you’re out and about


  3. That is where we differ, as I very rarely receive texts or calls. It’s usually WhatsApp messages, facetime and emails. I’m glad it all worked out in the end. X


    1. It’s not the first time I’ve been at cross purposes with a text message on this phone and I don’t suppose it will be the last though it’s a mystery why it only shows the number and not the name as I didn’t have that problem with the previous phone, but at least it’s good for a giggle 🙂


  4. Apart from my computer the only new-fangled device I have is a tablet with Messenger on it, and I only really use that to occasionally play Candy Crush! 🙂


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