Sunset over Smithills Moor

During my two-week ‘stay-cation’ last month I had a day out which, for once, didn’t include Poppie. Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t have left her behind but I was going to somewhere I couldn’t take her (that’s for a future post) however as soon as I got home, and with the sun getting low in the sky, I took her for a walk on Smithills moor to hopefully catch one or two sunset shots.
It was a very clear early evening and once I’d parked at the side of the lane near the Trespass Stone I took a shot of the view over to Manchester before setting off up the path heading towards the lower slopes of Winter Hill; not wanting to go too far my destination was Dean Mills reservoir, less than a 15-minute walk from where I’d left the van.
DSCF7016 - CopyDSCF7017 - Copy

DSCF7019 - Copy
View of Dean Mills from the west
DSCF7022 - Copy
Eastern corner
DSCF7023 - Copy
A hazy view to Scout Moor wind farm 15 miles away
DSCF7024 - Copy
View towards Manchester city centre

It seemed to take ages for the sun to go down and I couldn’t walk all the way round the reservoir while I was waiting; in spite of the previous warmth of the day it was quite chilly up on that exposed part of the moor so I continually walked backwards and forwards along the eastern end, glad I was up there on my own as anyone else would probably have thought I’d lost the plot. Eventually though conditions were just right and while the sunset itself wasn’t as stunningly beautiful as some I’ve seen, with the tall Winter Hill mast and its smaller neighbours in the background it was good enough to give me several half-decent shots. 
DSCF7025 - CopyDSCF7026 - CopyDSCF7033 - CopyDSCF7034 - CopyDSCF7035 - CopyDSCF7037 - CopyDSCF7041 - CopyDSCF7042 - Copy
Not wanting to run out of daylight before I got back to the van I set off as soon as the sun had completely disappeared. I needn’t have worried though, as I got towards the end of the path near the Trespass Stone there was still a reasonable amount of light left.
DSCF7044 - Copy
Back at home I made a brew and downloaded the days photos to the pc. It had seemed strange not having Poppie with me on my day out but hopefully I made up for it by taking her for a walk on Smithills Moor, and I got some sunset shots as well so I think we were both happy that night.

12 thoughts on “Sunset over Smithills Moor

  1. Well it was worth the wait, you got some beautiful photos. I can’t remember the last day out we had without Archie, it does seem funny if we’re out without him, I’m so used to him being with us whenever we go anywhere.


  2. The photos actually came out better than I expected, my own particular favourites are the first two. When I was with my partner we made a point of keeping Sundays for whichever dogs we had at the time and we would always go to a beach or somewhere in the country where we could have a good walk, they could spend some time off-lead, and we could have coffee and cake or a meal somewhere. I’ve stuck to that ever since (unless it’s raining!) with local walks during the week and somewhere ‘special’ at weekends so it felt really odd not having Poppie with me.


    1. In previous years I’ve been up to the mast from the Belmont side and the Horwich side but never from the Smithills side so that could be one for next summer. On a clear day the views from Dean Mills are quite far reaching – for me it’s not that far from home and it’s quite easy to get to.


    1. Thanks Jules. You can see for miles from up there on a clear day, even as far as the airport and Jodrell Bank if you know where to look. The photos came out better than I expected so I was more than happy 🙂


  3. It had been sunny and warm all day while I was out so I was surprised at how chilly it was up there. Definitely worth it for the shots though and I wasn’t far from home so I soon got warmed up once I got back 🙂


  4. I saw a spectacular sunset on the way back from Southport just a few days earlier but there was nowhere I could stop to take photos 😦 I was hoping this one would be similar, it wasn’t but it was good enough and the shots I got came out okay and I didn’t feel as guilty for not taking Poppie out with me earlier 🙂


  5. Dear Autumn (insert slight sarcasm) when as soon as the sun goes down it’s more than a little cold – unless you take today where it never seems to have warmed up!

    Despite your sunset not being “spectacular” you still have some lovely photos, and any walk where you don’t get rained on is a result at this time of year! 💦 ☔️


  6. I really only like autumn for the glorious colours it produces, other than that I just wish I could hibernate from October to April. I think September saw the last of the really decent weather, with the exception of an odd day here and there it’s rained most of the time since early October. I’d been at the coast this particular day in September and it had still been warm and sunny t-shirt weather so I was surprised that it had gone so chilly up on the moors 😦


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